Moore Film Subsidies

A Mackinac Center news release details how filmmaker Michael Moore's latest movie was approved for a taxpayer-funded subsidy through the Michigan Film Incentive, even though Moore himself appears to criticize the program in this video from Communications Specialist Kathy Hoekstra.

Michael LaFaive, director of the Center's Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative, further examines the details of this subsidy, including the fact that Moore is a member of the Michigan Film Office Advisory Council. The council advises the Michigan Film Office, which is responsible for approving applications for subsidies to the Michigan Film Incentive.

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Moore's hometown newspaper, The Flint Journal, posted a story about the controversy at its Web site within minutes after receiving the information.

National Review Online includes an entry about the topic today titled "Cronyism: A Love Story."

Jay Hancock, financial columnist for The Baltimore Sun, calls Hoekstra's video "well researched."

USA Today and The Daily Caller also link to the video.