Furloughs planned in Livonia

LIVONIA, Mich. - Livonia Public Schools teachers will take three furlough days this year and four next year under the terms of a tentative agreement reached between the district and the Livonia Education Association, according to the Livonia Observer.

The 1,100-member union has already voted to approve the furloughs as well as agreeing to double their health care contributions next year; the school board was expected to vote today. The district's principals and other administrators have agreed to similar measures, the Observer reported. Currently teachers pay $14 to $24 per pay period toward their health care plans, according to the report.

District officials said the concessions would prevent a planned layoff of 40 teachers, according to the Observer.

The article did not say when the furlough days would occur. Negotiations continue with other employee groups on cost-saving measures, the Observer reported.

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