Board turnover in Madison

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. - In a rapid and somewhat confusing turnover of school board members, Madison District Schools is accepting applications to fill three seats following four resignations, the (Royal Oak) Daily Tribune reported.

Board member Robert Gettings resigned last fall after being elected to the city council, while Denise Collom and Larry Lewis resigned at a recent meeting, the Daily Tribune reported. The four remaining board members will appoint individuals to fill those vacancies until a November election.

The school board tried to fill Gettings' seat in December by appointing Keith Beguhn, who was a member of the board at the time, but who had lost his reelection bid, according to the Daily Tribune. Beguhn voted for himself for that appointment. However, when four newly elected members were seated in 2010, they refused to recognize him or the appointment, the Daily Tribune reported.

Beguhn then resigned as of Jan. 8, followed more recently by Collom and Lewis, the Daily Tribune reported, creating three vacancies.

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