Private Enterprise v. Free Enterprise

How many people are in favor of health freedom? Not too many, writes Anthony Gregory:

“Despite the Democrats’ insistence that all opposition to the plan is coming from big industry (unless it’s rooted in “racism”), Big Health is actually largely behind Obama’s general move toward more intervention. The drug companies are taking out many millions of dollars in advertising in support of Obamacare. The connection between big business and more regulation and government involvement should be no surprise.”

Gregory also has a challenge for opponents of ObamaCare:

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“If we want true health care reform—and many opponents of the plan are doing a disservice by defending our very flawed system as ‘the best health care plan in the world’ or a paragon of capitalism—we must see dramatic moves toward the free market.”

Since football season is around the corner, I’ll put it in football terms: Defense is important, but offense is essential.

Gregory offers several ideas for opening up health care to the free market, which go beyond the usual proposals you’ll hear.

(Cross-posted from State House Call.)