recently set out some talking points for townhall meetings:

  1. I’m here to urge you to push for passage of a health care reform plan with a real public health insurance option as soon as you head back to Washington. It’s critical for controlling skyrocketing costs and guaranteeing security for all of us.
  2. Our health care system is broken—costs are skyrocketing and too many people can’t afford coverage. The heart of President Obama’s health care plan—the public health insurance option—is the key to fixing those problems.
  3. We need action now. The cost of inaction is too high—every day that we delay, 14,000 Americans lose their insurance and nearly 2,500 file for bankruptcy because of medical costs. And costs continue to spiral out of control: average family premiums will hit $22,000 a year in the next decade.
  4. With a real public option, costs will start to go down and millions of individuals, families, and small businesses will have access to high-quality, affordable health insurance. And no matter what happens to our jobs or our health, a public option will always be there for us.

“Broken” is too strong of a word, but yes, there are serious problems that should be addressed. But the “public option” (insurance that is either run by government or distorted more than the usual insurance) will only make things worse. Apparently is unaware of the fact that Medicaid is busting state budgets, Medicaid patients are having more trouble seeing doctors and Medicare is sending the country’s finances to hell in a handbasket. Given the record of those two probrams, it’s a joke to say that “costs will go down” with yet another government foray into health care.

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