‘Talent search’ in Alpena

ALPENA, Mich. - An educational talent search focused on helping low-income students plan for college and careers resulted in a higher graduation rate and higher college enrollment among participants, according to The Alpena News.

Of 212 students who received the targeted services, 211 received their high school diploma on time and 180 — 85 percent — enrolled in college, Alpena Community College President Olin Joynton told the college board of trustees recently, The News reported. The average college enrollment rate among those students' high schools is 42 percent, he said.

The talent search is offered to students from low-income families whose parents are not college graduates, according to The News. The students investigate potential careers by job shadowing, attending career nights and taking interest inventories, and also attend "mock" classes on college campuses, The News reported. They also work with advisers to set annual high school academic plans and are monitored for high school attendance and grades.

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