In this Issue:

  • Oh, Canada? Mackinac Center Videos Expose the Harm of Government Health Care

  • The MC Takes the Stage

  • President’s Message: New Year’s Resolutions for Real Reform

  • Michigan Capitol Confidential Surpasses 10,000 Subscribers

  • Updates: Center Advances on Multiple Fronts

  • Warning: High Cigarette Taxes!

  • Spreading Sunshine

  • And the Survey Says …

  • Loar v. DHS

  • Budgets, Bargaining and Biofuels

  • High School Debate Workshops: “I Have Seen the Influence”

  • "Steering" Michigan Toward Freedom

  • Inspiring Liberty

  • Free-Market Fundamentals: What Is Competition?

  • Henry Payne Cartoon

  • Free-Market Library

  • SFE Health Care Forums

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