Global Warming "Consensus" Crumbling, Michigan Senate Passes More Indoctrination

The case for a global warming scientific "consensus" may be crumbling, and with it the clear and present "emergency" that requires a massive reordering of the world's economy, including slower economic growth for the United States and the rest of the developed world.

But never mind all that, say heads of state in Copenhagen, EPA directors, and Michigan state senators: This isn't about science; it's about politics!

Thus the latest piece of enviro-indoctrination to be imposed on Michigan schoolchildren gets a unanimous thumbs-up from the state Senate. From

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2009 Senate Bill 904 (Revise "green schools" criteria)

  • Introduced by Sen. Valde Garcia (R) on October 15, 2009, to revise the criteria by which a school may be designated as a "green school" and establish new levels of "green-ness" for a school, including "emerald" and "evergreen." The new criteria specify in more detail various types of recycling, and add doing energy audits of the homes of students, engaging in letter writing or lobbying campaigns on environmental issues, offering classes in energy or environmental issues, creating a student environmental organization and "eco reading" program, and much more. Some criteria of the current "green school" statute are not included, such as hosting a Sierra Club spokesperson, students dusting coils on cafeteria refrigerators and checking bus tire pressure, etc.
  • Passed in the Senate (37 to 0) on December 10, 2009. [Roll Call Vote Details and Comments]