David Littmann, the Mackinac Center's senior economist, writes in the November/December issue of dbusiness magazine about if, and how, Michigan's economy can recover in 2010. Littmann references two items written by other Center scholars, including Senior Legislative Analyst Jack McHugh's "101 Ideas to Revitalize Michigan," and a commentary by James Hohman, fiscal policy analyst, and Adam Rule, a 2009 summer research intern, that showed Michigan pays about $5.6 billion more per year in benefits for public-sector employees compared to the benefits of private-sector employees.

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A Viewpoint by Russ Harding, senior environmental analyst and director of the Property Rights Network at the Center, was cited by the Circle of Blue WaterNews Monday. Harding's Nov. 9 commentary explains that proposed Michigan legislation that would put water into the "public trust" is a violation of property rights and goes against the riparian rights that have served Michigan well since its inception. An editorial in today's Detroit News about proposed legislation to raise money for Michigan state parks through a voluntary $10 donation when drivers renew their vehicle registration agrees with the proposal, but also says "we agree" in reference to a suggestion Harding made four years ago to sell or privatize some state parks.

Harding also will be the keynote speaker tonight at a discussion about cap-and-trade legislation in Port Huron.

The Center is credited with an Op-Ed in Monday's Detroit News that calls for an end to teacher tenure. Tom Watkins, former state superintendent of public instruction, suggested the same idea. The News is running a regular feature titled "50 Ideas to Fix Michigan," of which the Mackinac Center has contributed a dozen suggestions.

Minnesota Financial News today links to the Center's Current Comment, written by Policy Analyst Ken Braun. The piece details the problems Michigan and other states have had with tax-subsidized sports arenas, including the Metrodome in Minneapolis. The Kalamazoo Gazette also published the commentary today, as it includes information on a proposed sports arena there that would be publicly financed.