Career courses now offer academic credit

FLINT, Mich. - Students enrolled in the Genesee Area Skills Center Technology Center now may earn academic credit through career or technology courses taken there, according to The Flint Journal.

When Michigan increased the number of academic credits required to receive a high school diploma, Flint Community Schools staffers began to research ways in which students could earn that credit through career coursework, The Journal reported. Under the new plan, students will be able to earn credit in math, English, science and visual performing and applied arts by taking certain courses at the technology center.

About 2,400 juniors and seniors from throughout the county attend the center. School officials said the plan recognizes the value of vocational education and also may boost graduation rates, The Journal reported.

Many existing career and technical classes already contain math content, officials said.

"We're not looking to water down anything for the students," said Liz Blomquist, a GASC math instructor, according to the Journal.

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