DETROIT - The Detroit Waldorf School has introduced a Sustainable Tuition model intended to help parents afford its annual $12,500 tuition, according to Time magazine's "The Detroit Blog."

Nearly 60 percent of parents are participating in the program, which prorates tuition according to the family's ability to pay, the report said.

Melanie Reiser, the private school's outreach director, told Time that, "... (W)e meet with every family in the school and share the school's strategic plan and budget. ... Then we work together with the family to come to an adjustment that is sustainable for the school and the family."

Tuition covers about 70 percent of the cost to educate students. The remainder is covered by fundraising, grant writing and low teacher salaries, according to The Blog. Every family must spend at least 30 hours per year on school fundraising efforts.

Detroit Waldorf allocated $385,000 toward the Sustainable Tuition program this year, Reiser told The Blog.

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