Shared services may be in schools’ future

THREE RIVERS, Mich. - Consolidation of services is one likely way public school districts will deal with future budget reductions, the Three Rivers Community Schools superintendent told the school board recently, according to radio station WLKM-95.9.

Superintendent Roger Rathburn noted that technology services already have been consolidated at the county level there, and he suggested that business and superintendent services may follow suit, the station reported.

"The school systems just can't exist under the old model. There are not enough revenues to sustain that model and I think most districts are doing their best to keep the impact away from the classroom," Rathburn said, according to WLKM.

The Three Rivers district has reduced spending by about $2.8 million in the past four years, the report said. The K-12 spending bill passed by the state Legislature for the current year cuts school aid by about $165 per student.

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