Christian, public schools share teachers

HOLLAND, Mich. - About 15 Holland Christian Schools teachers will become employees of Holland Public Schools this year, but continue to work in the Christian school setting, according to The Grand Rapids Press. The arrangement is designed to save money and jobs for both school systems.

The agreement allows Holland Public Schools to count Holland Christian students as part-time public school students and collect state funding for them, the Press reported, even though the students will remain physically at the Holland Christian campuses.

Holland Public Schools will pay the teachers and also provide benefits, but the teachers will not become members of the Holland Education Association, the report said. Holland Christian will save up to $400,000 in payroll, while Holland Public could receive as much as $300,000 after expenses, officials in each school told The Press.

The teachers, all current or newly hired Holland Christian staff, teach non-core courses such as music, art and physical education.

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