Stimulus pays youth for career training

ROYAL OAK, Mich. - Federal stimulus money has turned an educational experience into paying jobs for 18 students enrolled in a program at Beaumont Hospital, according to a report in The Oakland Press.

Oakland County received almost $5 million in stimulus money to support youth work programs for 14- to 24-year-olds, The Press reported, some of which is going to pay students who are exploring health careers at the hospital. Previously the students participated without pay.

Brandon Woods, 18, an Oak Park High School graduate, is making $9 an hour as he studies physical therapy, according to The Press. He told The Press he is saving the money to pay his tuition at Central Michigan University this fall.

Other public and private companies are participating in the jobs program as well, The Press reported. Students benefit not only from the training and wages, but also by meeting and working with adults who become role models, Lori Fidler, executive director of The Oak Park Business and Education Alliance, told The Press.

The program will continue next year with more stimulus funding, though a third year is uncertain, The Press reported.

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