State board considers fundraising

LANSING, Mich. - The State Board of Education might get into the fundraising business by forming an education foundation and public/private partnership arrangement, according to a report from Michigan Information & Research Service Inc.

Money from the project would go toward the state's education programs and services, MIRS reported. Board members discussed the idea at a meeting Tuesday, where member Nancy Danhof said, "It is necessary for staff to be able to do what needs to be done because of declining revenues," according to MIRS.

Board member Casandra Ulbrich said, "Many others have gone the private/public partnership route successfully and it makes sense for us to do it as well," MIRS reported.

The fundraising effort is one of several priorities the board is considering, according to MIRS. Others include: "re-imagining" the pre-K-12 system to meet student achievement goals, improving teacher preparation, high school reform, and improving academic achievement at all levels with an emphasis on high priority schools and students, the report said.

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