BATTLE CREEK, Mich. - Lakeview School District may expand its pilot full-day kindergarten to the entire district this fall, according to the Battle Creek Enquirer, though parents who prefer a half-day section may be able to choose that option.

Districts that do not provide all-day kindergarten by 2010-11 will see reduced per-pupil aid, according to the Enquirer.

Another reason given for expanding the current pilot program is that students are learning at a better rate, according to Karen Hart, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, the Enquirer reported.

The district projects it will spend $965,000 more than it takes in next year, finance director Amy Jones told the school board, but full-day kindergarten is anticipated to add only one teacher, the Enquirer reported.

Superintendent Cindy Ruble will study the possible expansion; she said there likely would be room to continue a half-day program for parents who desire it, according to the Enquirer.

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