Labor issues dominated the most-read Current Comments of 2008, sweeping the top four spots on our list. The most popular "CC" was written by Paul Kersey, labor policy director, and dealt with the politically motivated and partisan ballot plan known as "Reform Michigan Government Now.

RMGN, many will recall, was touted as a bipartisan plan to streamline state government and lower legislative salaries. It was gaining widespread support and had received hundreds of thousands of signatures to be placed on the ballot — until a Mackinac Center labor policy intern named Jim Vote discovered this.

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A resource page listing several commentaries about RMGN, as well as a sampling of the extensive media attention the Center drew for its role in uncovering the scheme, received enough views to give it top billing, but since it is a compilation, rather than a commentary, it was not included in our final tally.

It must be noted that this annual ranking is not scientific, and individual pieces are chosen based on how many page views they received relative to when in the calendar year they were first posted.

  1. "Document on UAW Web Site Outlined Strategy for Changing the Rules of Politics in Michigan to Help Democrats," by Paul Kersey
  2. "Union Spending in Michigan: A Review of Union Financial Disclosure Reports," by Paul Kersey
  3. "Right-to-Work Mythbusters," by Paul Kersey
  4. "Let the Union Buyer Beware," by Ryan S. Olson
  5. "Flawed Analysis Blocks Official Release of CDC Study," by Robb Frederick
  6. "New High School Graduation Requirements in Action," by Lorie Shane
  7. "The Worst Legislature in Michigan History," by Jack McHugh
  8. "House-Passed Legislation Threatens Michigan's Water rights," by Russ Harding
  9. "The Right-to-Work Advantage in Economic Growth," by James. M. Hohman
  10. "Changing Direction. Are We There Yet?" by Jack McHugh
  11. "Great Lakes Direction Drilling Ban Should be Lifted," by Russ Harding
  12. "Hart Enterprises: A Wetland Case Study," by Russ Harding
  13. "Survey 2008: School Service Privatization Grows Again," by Michael D. LaFaive and William Freeland
  14. "An Intern's Service to Michigan," by Paul Kersey
  15. "Legislators' Hollywood Dreams Defy Economic Reality," by Jack McHugh and James M. Hohman
  16. "Universities Would Benefit from Private Sector's Experience," by Laura J. Davis
  17. "Greenhouse Gas Accord Will Further Damage Michigan's Economy," by Russ Harding
  18. "Book Review: Plans, Plans and More Plans," by Lawrence W. Reed
  19. "A Great (Lake) Decision," by Patrick J. Wright
  20. "Where Are All the Green Jobs?" by Russ Harding
  21. "Mission Creep," by Marc J. Holley
  22. "Personal Use of Vehicles, Car Allowances Part of Benefit Package in Some ISDs," by Lorie Shane
  23. "Automotive Production Expands - Elsewhere," by Michael D. LaFaive and Kenneth M. Braun
  24. "Poetry Slam," by James M. Hohman and Bruce Edward Walker
  25. "The Unvarnished State of the State," by Michael D. LaFaive