Lansing enrollment down by 688

LANSING, Mich. - Enrollment in the Lansing School District dropped twice as much as expected this year, meaning a corresponding decline in per-pupil state aid of up to $3 million, the Lansing State Journal reported.

District officials had projected a 300-student drop, but the actual number was 688, the State Journal reported, putting enrollment at 14,569. School officials said they plan to use money from the general fund balance and the facilities improvement budget to cover some of the anticipated loss, as well as reduce non-student supply expenditures, according to the State Journal.

Superintendent T.C. Wallace Jr. said that about 579 of the students moved out of the Lansing tri-county area, including 221 who left the state, the State Journal reported, a tally based on requests for transfer of records.

In other nearby districts, the State Journal reported that Haslett Public Schools enrollment declined by 130 students, Waverly Community Schools by 166 and DeWitt Public Schools by 27.

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