Alcohol Control in Michigan

Convoluted Distribution Laws Hurt Craft Brewers

Three-tier system protects distributor's quasi-monopoly.

NEW POLICY BRIEF: Alcohol Control Reform and Public Health and Safety

The Mackinac Center's latest policy brief on the topic of alcohol regulation explores a highly original question, Is the argument that liquor controls are to help public health and safety a valid one? By comparing "control" states and "license" states in rates of alcohol-related deaths, drunk-driving fatalities or binge drinking, as well as compiling extensive data from recent studies on the topic, authors Michael D. LaFaive and Antony Davies bring us closer to a better understanding of the real-life effects of alcohol regulation on Michigan residents. ...more

Prohibition's Legacy: A History of Michigan's Liquor Regulations

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has long investigated alcohol regulations in the state of Michigan, often to the detriment of the market for alcohol without tangible social or financial benefits to consumers. Below is a complete inventory of Mackinac Center resources on the pesky regulatory overkill that still burdens Michigan consumers. ...more

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Prohibition: A film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick

This three-part documentary is an excellent educational—and entertaining—resource on the rise, fall and rule of the Eighteenth Amendment. ...more