Union Release Time Was Once Unconstitutional

Lawmakers should retain a healthy skepticism about spending tax money on private interests … more

Fewer Parents Taking Education for Granted

Surveys highlight growing involvement, diverse goals … more

Michigan made better choices on forest management

Good Neighbor Authority has proven to be a good choice … more

Fireworks, Campaigns, Coal Ash, Wages and More

December 7 MichiganVotes roll call … more

Striking a Balance on Environmental Regulations

“No more stringent” will benefit Michigan … more

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When Corporate Handouts Were Unconstitutional in Michigan

Study reveals the forgotten history of state’s long-standing prohibition against economic development programs … more

How to Collaboratively Manage Michigan’s Federal Lands

Study shows the benefits for public and private land owners … more

Seventy Percent of Michigan School Districts Contract Out for Services 

Latest survey results show continued widespread use of private contractors … more

Michigan Needs Bail Reform

New report outlines how to improve bail process to benefit defendants and the public  … more

New Study Explains ‘Voters Not Politicians’ Ballot Proposal in Plain English

Proposal 2 could completely overhaul the redistricting process in Michigan … more

VoteSpotter App for Android and Apple iOS

Give instant feedback to legislators. … more