Innovative School Districts Seek Greater Flexibility

Legislative proposal would aid Madison, Center Line, others … more

Michigan Wages and Benefits Recovers

But Private-Sector Compensation Lags … more

Want Faster Internet? What Rural Communities Should Explore

Government shouldn't be in business of providing internet … more

How Much Will the Repeal of Prevailing Wage Save Taxpayers in Michigan?

It’s complicated, but a reasonable estimate is in the hundreds of millions … more

Same Old Story About the Problems in Public Schools

Nearly 60 years later, the arguments remain the same … more

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Mackinac Center Applauds Gov. Snyder’s ‘Outside the Box’ Reforms

Reforms expand economic opportunities for Michigan citizens seeking a second chance … more

Michigan Parents and Voters Strongly Support School Choice

Charter school parents extremely satisfied and voters favor expanding school choice options … more

Poll: Mich. Voters Back Tax Benefits for School Choice

Strong majority endorse use of 529 plans to help fund K-12 tuition … more

Supreme Court Restores, Strengthens Rights For Millions Of Public Employees In Janus Ruling

My Pay My Say is a national campaign to educate and empower workers to exercise these rights … more

Mackinac Center and Virginia Tech Professor Dr. Marc Edwards Sue Wayne State Over Flint Water Docs

The Mackinac Center Legal Foundation files case to help bring about further government transparency … more

VoteSpotter App for Android and Apple iOS

Give instant feedback to legislators. … more