7. General Aviation

Because 16.2% of all aircraft movements at Metro are by general aviation aircraft, [47] small private aircraft create delays at Metro which privatization can help resolve. As at BAA airports, landing fees can more accurately reflect the amount of time an aircraft uses, instead of its relative weight. A two-seat aircraft uses a larger portion of runway time relative to a commercial airliner than it is currently charged for.

Use of Metro by general aviation aircraft could be discouraged by use of a new system of calculating landing fees. Many general aviation airports surrounding Detroit can handle most of these aircraft at a lower real cost for the airport and the airlines. The Airport Capacity Enhancement Plan also recommends a reduction in the number of general aviation operations at Metro. [48]

This recommendation is not intended to preclude the use of Metro by general aviation. However, fees paid by general aviation must more accurately reflect the cost of airport usage, measured by time rather than simply landing weight.