Let Every Taxpayer Decide for Themselves

If implemented in a straightforward manner. "A" would be a boon to the Michigan economy. It would mean a billion-dollar tax cut in the current year, a quarter-billion dollar or so tax cut in future years and over $16 billion in additional wealth to Michigan property owners. It would make Michigan a more competitive state, and help the private sector create and retain new jobs.

It would probably not directly increase public school performance. since more dollars have little relationship with better performance. However, it would encourage the prospect of competition among public schools, and allow better management efficiency within districts.

Its major drawback is the allowance for legislative implementation of numerous provisions. Especially worrisome is the possibility that the property tax limitations could be weakened. While the amendment itself is reasonably clear that all school property taxes are firmly limited, it also allows the legislature to define important points of this limitation. Voters must watch carefully to see whether this legislature exercises this responsibility with integrity.

Given the great taxpayer benefits that the proposal offers if implemented properly, the major question is one of trust. Each voter must ultimately decide for themself if the obvious benefits are worth the risks.