V. Conclusion

The Michigan legislature passed a law in 1992 that had the goal of eliminating discrimination. The law has no language or enacting legislation that deals with race or gender discrimination. Instead, it is a law that prevents economic decisions by clubs to limit the times at which shareholding members and nonshareholders may use the club facilities. The state generally has the power to make such laws. In this case, the state has caused and will cause economic consequences that have nothing to do with discrimination. As a result, individuals will have fewer choices to make and the lack of choices will have nothing to do with discrimination. Apparently, the cry of discrimination kept the legislature from seeing the true nature of its legislation. P.A. 70 therefore perverts the law because it has no relationship to discrimination. One is left to wonder what other economic regulation will be enacted to further the goal of ending discrimination. Every business in the world, every club and organization, and every school and association must realize that its ratio of men/women or majority/minority probably fails to meet the ratio of such in the real world. In light of P.A. 70, the Michigan legislature has shown that these entities may be next in line for regulation.