Gregory Rehmke directs educational programs for Economic Thinking/E Pluribus Unum Films, a nonprofit organization in Seattle, Wash. He has a degree in Economics from the University of Washington and has lectured and published widely on economics and history of a variety of public policy issues.

Mike Winther has written articles on many public policy issues and is a frequent lecturer at debate camps. He has a vast 30-year experience with both participating in and coaching debate. Mike and his wife currently coach a California debate club which has consistent success with their teams, placing within the top 10 rankings, nationally.

Bryan Leonard is a Ph.D. student in Economics and Environmental Science at U.C. Santa Barbara. His research focuses on property rights solutions to environmental problems, with emphasis on water, fisheries, and other common-pool resources. Bryan holds Masters’ in Economics from U.C. Santa Barbara and Applied Economics from Montana State University.