Cornerstone Charter Schools

This video profiles Madison-Carver Academy and Cornerstone Health High School, two public charter schools in the city of Detroit. Both schools make use of blended learning, which allows each student to move at his or her individual pace through coursework.

"[The] blended learning model is simply using technology to be able to diagnose learning disabilities, to be able to identify weaknesses and strengths, and develop digital content around that in order to help students be successful," said Madison-Carver Academy Principal Pamela Farris.

"The idea is that it is a very student centered approach that doesn't value time, it values competency," said Health High School Principal Michael Griffie.

The model appears to be working. Madison-Carver Academy reports that the school obtained two to three years of student growth in language arts usage,reading and mathematics for students in kindergarten through fourth grade.

David Antoine Lee, a ninth-grader at the high school, said that he has improved tremendously. "When I was in a traditional setting, I didn't do so well," he said. "Here, it's a big improvement. I'm actually doing work and getting stuff done. My mom knows that this school has something good going on."