Districts That Brought Services Back In-House

While 66 districts contracted out services this past year, 11 chose to bring a service back in-house. Only 4 of these decisions resulted from dissatisfaction with the private vendor — the  remainder involved districts which had privatized one or two employees who retired this past year.

The Au Gres-Sims School District, Burr Oak Community Schools, and East Jackson Community Schools had privatized single transportation directors through an employee-leasing agency. Each had their director retire this year and chose to fill the position with an in-house employee.

Marquette Public Schools and the Pontiac School District both brought their custodial services back in-house this past year. Both cited cost savings as an important factor in the decision; Marquette also cited consistency of service.

Kent City Community Schools and Concord Community Schools both recently insourced their food service management. Kent City plans to manage its own food service this next year, whereas Concord plans to share a food manager with nearby Hanover-Horton Schools.

Ellsworth Community Schools uses the employee leasing agency PCMI to hire their transportation workers, and last year they also contracted for a few food service workers through PCMI. This year, no food workers are privatized; therefore, we do not list the district as contracting for food services. However, the district remains open to the possibility of hiring future food workers through PCMI if vacancies arise.