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Michigan Government Salaries Database

As part of our efforts on government transparency, we obtained data on the compensation of most public employees in the state. This information has been used to fact check claims about salaries, verify data from other open records requests, and hold government spending accountable. We offer this database as a service to taxpayers – if you support our efforts, please consider making a donation.

The information in this database is gathered through public records requests to the state’s Department of Management and Budget. It includes data about school employees and many (but not all) state workers. We asked for pensionable salaries for the past three full fiscal years – the information is posted as we received it. If you have any questions, contact the responsible government authorities.

NameEmployerJob2014 Wage2015 Wage▾2016 Wage
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Habra, AnthonyPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 11,571.295,836.005,836.00
Habra, AnthonyPaw Paw Public SchoolsSuperintendent51,695.71116,725.0085,298.98
Habra, AnthonyPaw Paw Public SchoolsOther Administrationn/an/a31,426.02
Khaja, BarbaraPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 14,615.004,762.004,762.00
Khaja, BarbaraPaw Paw Public SchoolsSuperintendent3,450.00n/a3,563.16
Khaja, BarbaraPaw Paw Public SchoolsOther Administrationn/a4,000.00n/a
Khaja, BarbaraPaw Paw Public SchoolsAccounting92,294.0095,247.0095,247.00
Puckett, MaryPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 15,574.005,064.014,706.00
Puckett, MaryPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupervisionn/a76,415.4494,118.00
Puckett, MaryPaw Paw Public SchoolsPrincipal81,477.0016,682.90n/a
Dahlinger, MichaelPaw Paw Public SchoolsPrincipal94,544.0097,569.0097,569.00
Mcdaniel, JerryPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 12,910.004,476.004,476.00
Mcdaniel, JerryPaw Paw Public SchoolsPrincipaln/a76,180.6889,527.00
Mcdaniel, JerryPaw Paw Public SchoolsAdministration88,179.0013,346.32n/a
Pawlak, MelissaLincoln Park Public SchoolsTeaching90,538.6290,050.3086,635.00
Turner, MatthewPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 1n/an/a4,075.00
Turner, MatthewPaw Paw Public SchoolsPrincipaln/an/a81,500.00
Davison, JeremyPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 1n/an/a3,761.54
Davison, JeremyPaw Paw Public SchoolsPrincipaln/an/a81,813.46
Pawloski, TamaraWarren Woods Public SchoolsTeaching16,049.04n/an/a
Pawloski, TamaraWarren Woods Public SchoolsSupervision74,130.6281,906.4184,316.63
Daoust, StevenPaw Paw Public SchoolsTeaching66,490.3067,079.4667,520.34
Daoust, StevenPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 2342.00n/an/a
Daoust, StevenPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 1684.00689.88898.00
Daoust, StevenPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupervision15,000.0015,000.0015,000.00
Southworth, TammyPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 12,381.203,693.063,671.98
Southworth, TammyPaw Paw Public SchoolsPrincipal1,171.3462,223.1873,433.10
Southworth, TammyPaw Paw Public SchoolsAdministration71,054.7110,947.06n/a
Howell, LauraPaw Paw Public SchoolsTeaching (Temporary)n/a61.04n/a
Howell, LauraPaw Paw Public SchoolsTeaching68,036.5868,639.4875,220.49
Howell, LauraPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 2n/an/a349.00
Howell, LauraPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 1n/a1,208.081,422.00
Howell, LauraPaw Paw Public SchoolsOvertime Teachingn/a61.04n/a
Howell, LauraPaw Paw Public SchoolsCurriculum1,198.00n/an/a
Pawloski, JoanGrand Rapids Public SchoolsTeaching (Temporary)n/a74.681,024.00
Pawloski, JoanGrand Rapids Public SchoolsTeaching68,062.4970,423.1371,429.51
Pawloski, JoanGrand Rapids Public SchoolsOvertime Teaching4,870.05462.96852.67
Pawloski, JoanGrand Rapids Public SchoolsOvertime Professional Other440.04547.62788.92
Gronda, AmyPaw Paw Public SchoolsTeaching66,490.3067,079.4667,847.26
Gronda, AmyPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 21,027.001,035.401,047.00
Gronda, AmyPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 13,251.003,913.214,083.00
Vanderburg, DerekPaw Paw Public SchoolsTeaching (Temporary)1,654.71n/an/a
Vanderburg, DerekPaw Paw Public SchoolsTeaching61,463.1263,920.6866,643.57
Vanderburg, DerekPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 2100.00n/an/a
Vanderburg, DerekPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 1342.00345.36549.00
Vanderburg, DerekPaw Paw Public SchoolsOvertime Teachingn/a1,682.512,185.61
Vanderburg, DerekPaw Paw Public SchoolsCoaches/Recreational3,422.003,456.003,491.00
Schultz, AnnPaw Paw Public SchoolsTeaching66,171.9567,079.4667,847.26
Schultz, AnnPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 31,197.501,207.59n/a
Schultz, AnnPaw Paw Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 2n/an/a1,221.50