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Michigan Government Salaries Database

As part of our efforts on government transparency, we obtained data on the compensation of most public employees in the state. This information has been used to fact check claims about salaries, verify data from other open records requests, and hold government spending accountable. We offer this database as a service to taxpayers – if you support our efforts, please consider making a donation.

The information in this database is gathered through public records requests to state and local government entities. We requested the total gross income of public workers for three full fiscal years 2014, 2015 and 2016 plus education workers for 2017 – the information is posted as we received it. The amounts in the database are only for salary, not the cost of other benefits. For law enforcement officers, the state denied releasing their names – so for about 15,000 employees, the name is blank. The state also denied releasing the names and wages of some executive and legislative employees.

NameEmployerJob2014 Wage2015 Wage2016 Wage▾2017 Wage
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Brunet-Koch, CameronNorth Central Michigan CollegeSuperintendent192,960.00202,410.08201,360.00n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a209,890.80
Payne, DavidNorth Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a123,237.46
Kersting, GaryNorth Central Michigan CollegeTeaching110,265.87115,775.72116,466.28n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a118,037.72
Bowe, JaneNorth Central Michigan CollegeTeaching94,287.24101,778.34110,670.68n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a113,563.92
Jessick, ChesterNorth Central Michigan CollegeTeaching102,528.08105,307.56106,283.68n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a109,846.84
Olson, PeterNorth Central Michigan CollegeProgram/Department Direction80,509.7898,358.50104,804.96n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a107,949.14
Germain, KathleenNorth Central Michigan CollegeTeaching88,000.0290,797.00103,127.08n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a105,163.08
Maginnis, JenniferNorth Central Michigan CollegeTeaching56,918.2178,208.5695,809.89n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a104,734.70
Cummings, LawrenceNorth Central Michigan CollegeTeaching96,957.4294,945.2697,832.36n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a104,611.73
Welmers, PaulaNorth Central Michigan CollegeCounseling93,816.2499,150.78101,378.66n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a103,369.22
Harrington Jr, FrederickNorth Central Michigan CollegeTeaching95,576.81107,462.97105,213.58n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a101,099.66
Mccullough, JamesNorth Central Michigan CollegeTeaching89,133.46101,297.0691,827.14n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a97,583.55
Deyoung, ReneeNorth Central Michigan CollegeSupervision60,233.6861,799.6685,860.16n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a96,118.88
Dean, DeborahNorth Central Michigan CollegeTeaching82,355.8382,590.9689,045.24n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a93,421.33
Carlson, KarenNorth Central Michigan CollegeTeaching81,025.1083,383.2689,762.48n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a92,179.22
Borowiak, DominicNorth Central Michigan CollegeTeachingn/an/a65,907.82n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a91,892.24
Blaauw Hara, JamiNorth Central Michigan CollegeTeaching74,277.2674,664.1682,404.68n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a88,696.47
Panoff, VirginiaNorth Central Michigan CollegeSupervision59,073.0460,609.1262,275.72n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a78,281.56
Knott, ThomasNorth Central Michigan CollegeTeaching49,551.7068,384.4674,059.70n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a74,734.52
Fought, WendyNorth Central Michigan CollegeTeaching (Temporary)56,736.0761,550.4062,339.33n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a68,931.92
Souza, DianaNorth Central Michigan CollegeData Processing51,834.6453,623.0257,237.69n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a63,982.71
Bauman, ShawnNorth Central Michigan CollegeOther Technical58,163.4258,264.9659,867.34n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a61,663.42
Kiteley, CarrieNorth Central Michigan CollegeData Processing47,259.3849,611.5851,797.31n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a58,956.00
Taylor, LauraNorth Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a58,064.80
Burns, KimNorth Central Michigan CollegeOther Technical51,834.6453,183.7854,319.98n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a55,467.72
Maier, AlexanderNorth Central Michigan CollegeOther Technical39,052.0041,108.0843,426.50n/a
North Central Michigan Collegen/an/an/a54,999.88