Mackinac Center in the News

A Look Behind the Curtain

Center analysis exposes fallacies of Oz subsidies. … more

National Review Highlights MCLF Lawsuit

Detroit News: Union in a "rush to preserve strength." … more

Van Beek Testifies on Great Start Expansion

Legislator criticized for "personal attack." … more

Center Scholar on WJR With Frank Beckmann

Harry Veryser discusses stock market, Austrian economics. … more

Wright Discusses End of SEIU Dues Skim

Union scheme took $34 million from caregivers. … more

Taylor Teachers' Lawsuit on Fox Business

Union insecurity clause gains national media attention. … more

Media Covers Taylor Teachers' Lawsuit

MCLF representing teachers against union, school board. … more

Center Experts Cited in Reuters Stories

Lehman, LaFaive on Gov. Rick Snyder, Mayor Dave Bing … more

Detroit's Problems Not Surprising

Fiscal expert addresses city's woes in Detroit News. … more

Media Quickly Respond to Center's New Database

Salary information for every superintendent now online. … more

State Rep. Alleges 'Truancy' Among Homeschoolers

Ignores absenteeism at schools in his own district. … more

Union Insecurity Clauses

Denying members worker freedom with rushed contracts. … more

Teachers Unions Locking in Forced Dues

Van Beek discusses right-to-work in Detroit News. … more

Bill Wilson Discusses RTW with Frank Beckmann

Economist was fired by Comerica for supporting it. … more

Michigan Teachers Second-Highest Paid in Nation

Daily Caller reports on Michigan Capitol Confidential stories. … more

Schools, Teachers, Should Proceed With Caution

Unions trying to extend contracts to keep dues flowing. … more

Teachers Unions Trying to Circumvent Law

Vernuccio: Unions putting teachers in "dues purgatory." … more

LaFaive: Privatize Mail Delivery

Would lead to better service, lower prices. … more

Union Membership, Wages, Grow in RTW States

Center research cited in Washington Examiner. … more

School Choice, Funding, in the News

Michael Van Beek on charters in The Detroit News. … more

Cigarette Smuggling Study Explained

Interpretation by special interests, not methedology, is flawed. … more

Bridge Magazine on MEDC Audit Problems

Center has long questioned corporate welfare entity. … more

DeVos Credits Mackinac Center on RTW Passage

Vernuccio talks about union membership on Michigan Radio. … more

Van Beek Discusses Charter Public School Study

MEA says unionized schools can learn from charters. … more

Ethanol Subsidies Costly, Damaging

Walker commentary in Lansing State Journal Sunday. … more

Legislative Expert Discusses Auto Dealer Laws

Jack McHugh on protectionism that harms car buyers. … more

Labor Expert Addresses Prevailing Wage

Muskegon County jail could cost $2M extra due to policy. … more

Plan to Privatize Belle Isle Unveiled

Center analysts first addressed the issue 12 years ago. … more

Media Cites Center Study on Cigarette Smuggling

ATF says Center data "seems right." … more

Imitation the Sincerest Form of Flattery

School performance database "similar" to our 2012 project. … more

County Commissioner Touts Reed's 'Seven Principles'

Elected official asks fellow commissioners to read it. … more

Vernuccio Discusses Snyder Recall on Fox Business

Big Labor still reeling over worker freedom in Michigan. … more

Warren Mayor Giving Away Anti-RTW Bumper Stickers

Center's labor policy expert cited in Detroit News. … more

Media Highlights 'Missed Votes' Report service tracks legislators' voting records. … more

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