Features and Highlights

Songs of Freedom

Students travel to Motown to learn about free markets. … more

Presidential Pardon

A state legislator gets kudos for apologizing.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Saugatuck millage, lunch money, master's pay. … more

News Release: Report: MEGA/MEDC Less Transparent

Fiscal Policy Director Michael LaFaive examines in a 20-page policy brief how MEGA and the MEDC have grown less transparent about their efforts to create and retain jobs.  … more

Tear Down This Wall

DPS should not be walled off from the expectations of other schools.  … more

Pool Party

Pooling school and other public employees for health insurance worth debate.  … more

Bad Idea Doused

State panel votes against mandatory fire sprinklers. … more


Recombining the DEQ and DNR would not help Michigan.  … more

News Release: Township, Schools Embrace Transparency

A small township and two school districts have posted their checkbooks online, but transparency is still lacking in some parts of Michigan.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Health pool, Detroit charters, family hires. … more

Welcome Aboard

The Mackinac Center names new director of education policy. … more

News Release: Michigan Considers Mandatory Fire Sprinklers

The Michigan Building Code Review Committee will consider making fire sprinklers mandatory in new homes, which could impact affordable housing for low-income families. … more

Driven to Tears

Unemployment and moving company data prove Michigan must change. … more

News Release: Latest Figures Demonstrate MEDC Failure

Michigan leads the nation in unemployment, as well as outbound moves for United Van Lines, showing that the Michigan Economic Development Corp. should be eliminated. … more

Bargaining Power

School boards should keep in mind the true nature of teachers unions. … more

Art Attack

The Detroit City Council should focus on more pressing issues than art. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Stimulus decisions, state funding, DPS turnaround. … more

Saving Money Is Dangerous?

What the MEA claims about school privatization.  … more

Big and Bad

The scope and reach of the federal government is too large.  … more

Healthy Debate

HSAs are a good alternative to nationalized health care.  … more

Secret Service

A Center forum on transparency.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Graduation rates, recall challenge, Ypsilanti deficit. … more

Defined Benefits

Government employee benefits in Michigan far outpace the private sector.  … more

News Release: Seven School Districts Post Spending Online

The state’s fourth-largest school district joins 46 others in posting check registers.  … more

Is This Progress?

Bad public policy and the downfall of Detroit.  … more

Independent Thoughts

A new film about Iran and the Fourth of July.  … more

Pop Quiz

Are tax-funded college scholarships necessary?  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Concessions, home-school numbers, DPS bankruptcy. … more

Emphasis on Savings

HSAs for state employees could bring multi-billion dollar savings.  … more

Buy American?

The federal takeover of GM and Chrysler may leave car buyers in a quandary.  … more

High Tide

A look at the debate over Great Lakes water levels.  … more

A Dash of Help

A new 'Right-to-Work Dashboard' shows why Michigan needs this law.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS/U-Prep talks, Whiteford privatization, ISD equity spat. … more

See Through

Government transparency should be the norm, not the exception.  … more

News Release: Center Releases RTW Dashboard

The Mackinac Center today announced its Right-to-Work Dashboard, a new feature that will provide data on several key economic indicators that show how states with right-to-work laws are performing better than Michigan.  … more

Sinking Feeling

House Bill 4313 sidesteps Prop A protections for taxpayers.  … more

News Release: Novi Posts Spending Online

The city of Novi is crediting the Mackinac Center as one inspiration for its decision to post its checkbook register online for public inspection. … more

Film at 11

A report on the Michigan Film Incentive's economic impact should be redone.  … more

Where Do We Go From Here?

Mackinac Center resources can help TEA Party activists move forward. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Fewer retirees, parent-run schools, 170-day mandate. … more

The Long and Winding Road

A step toward fixing failing schools in Michigan.  … more


MichiganScience looks at high school robotics competition winners.  … more

Introducing the 2010 Chrysler Backfire

Why the Chrysler bailout won't work. … more

Middle Management

The MEA's own management-labor difficulties.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS outsourcing, college grad rates, tenure snafu. … more

Eight Is Not Enough

A new Center study defends Gov. Granholm's budget proposals.  … more

Which Way Is Up?

David Littmann discusses fixing Michigan's economy. … more

News Release: Center Defends 8 Granholm Proposals

A new study by Jack McHugh examines eight budget proposals the governor and Center agree on, and asks why the Legislature refuses to act on them. … more

Revolting Regulations

Michigan's regulatory agencies must be held accountable. … more

Planning Behind

Statistics show the MEDC is a total failure and should be eliminated. … more

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