Features and Highlights

News Release: Expansions Outpace Limitations

Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s State of the State Address focused more on expanding the power of the state than fixing Michigan’s crisis. … more

The "State of the State" You Should Hear

A video synopsis of Michael D. LaFaive’s 2009 "State of the State Address." … more

Michigan Film Incentive: Boon or Boondoggle?

Kathy Hoekstra continues her in-depth review of the Michigan Film Incentive. … more

California Dreaming

States shouldn't be allowed to set tailpipe emissions. … more

They Keep Going and Going

Tax credits for battery makers are the latest Lansing giveaway. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS manager, Caseville dispute, green jobs. … more

Poverty Is a Policy Issue

Good public policy can alleviate poverty and bring prosperity. … more

News Release: Michigan Tops in Unemployment

New figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the five states with the lowest unemployment for December all have right-to-work laws.  … more

Littmann Looks Forward

An interview with David Littmann. … more

Water Wrongs

Water ownership is a private property rights issue. … more

Looking Ahead

Jack McHugh interview on CNN about Michigan's economy. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Labor costs, MESSA dispute, Blues plan raises questions. … more

News Release: Susette Kelo to Discuss Property Rights

A Feb. 10 Issues & Ideas Forum will feature property rights champion Susette Kelo and author Jeff Benedict, who will discuss Kelo’s fight against eminent domain for economic development, a fight that ultimately went to the Supreme Court. … more

Michigan Privatization Digest

State looks to hire privatization expert. University of Michigan Privatization. Possible Ann Arbor golf course sale spurs ballot proposal. … more

Off the Clock

Does the UAW still believe in an eight-hour work day?  … more

The Future is Now

101 recommendations to help Michigan. … more

News Release: Center Publishes 101 Recommendations

"This is a how-to list for people serious about real change in Michigan," says Mackinac Center Senior Legislative Analyst Jack McHugh. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Drivers retain union, new private school, state rates C+. … more

Stimulating Talk

David Littmann discusses why stimulus packages fail. … more

Two Thumbs Down

Kathy Hoekstra reviews the Michigan Film Incentive. … more

Take a Deep Breath

A cap-and-trade plan for CO2 emissions would harm the economy. … more

News Release: Cost of Film Incentives Unknown

Mackinac Center Communications Specialist Kathy Hoekstra explores a state economic development program and what it is costing taxpayers. … more

News Release: Dean Ruling Shouldn’t Impact Privatization

School privatization should not be hampered by the federal court ruling in the Dean Transportation case Inc. v. National Labor Relations Board case.  … more

A Different Kind of Cancer

High cigarette taxes can cause smuggling and other types of crime. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Online ed, Catholic schools, budget crunch. … more

Student Counsel

SFE helps students learn how to market the free market. … more

News Release: Experts to Discuss "Beyond the Bailout"

The Mackinac Center on Jan. 13 will host a blue ribbon panel to discuss the auto industry crisis, including plans for a potential bailout, restructuring, bankruptcy, needed reforms and labor issues. … more

News Release: Macomb Schools Asked to Post Spending

Mackinac Center asks Macomb County public schools to publish their checkbook registers. … more

Outside Help

Volunteers prove help for Detroit schools doesn't have to involve tax dollars. … more

Coming Clean on Cummings

A review of "Eimi" by E. E. Cummings. … more

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