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Michigan Education Digest

Science kits a hit, AZ tax credits, new teacher plan … more

News Release: GDP Drop Exposes MEDC Failures

Michigan has had negative GDP growth since the inception of the MEDC while millions of tax dollars have been given to companies as tax credits and cash subsidies.  … more

Spending Habits

A graduated income tax is not the answer for Michigan's budget.  … more

News Release: Top Schools Post Checkbooks

Three top-performing Michigan school districts have posted their checkbook registers online as part of the Mackinac Center’s Transparency Project. … more

Michigan Privatization Digest

Pontiac budget, privatization, Manistee trash … more

Seeing is Believing

A look at government transparency efforts in the U.S. and Canada.  … more

Ask and They Shall Receive

Ken Braun tells lawmakers how they can fix their budget mistakes.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Stimulus spat, New U Prep, Pontiac lawsuit … more

Revenue Neutral

Municipal finance expert Robert Daddow discusses Michigan tax revenues. … more

Tool Time

What Tea Party activists need to continue their momentum. … more

Trading Places

Michigan's exports remain strong. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Student protest, PAC deductions, private busing. … more

News Release: Daddow: 2020 Before Property Tax Base Returns

In a video interview, Mackinac Center Adjunct Scholar and Oakland County Deputy Executive Robert Daddow predicts "a decade problem" for Michigan governments and recommends they "do business differently."  … more

Perk Test

The Michigan Senate fails to address state employee benefits. … more

David and Goliath

David Littmann discusses Michigan's fiscal failures. … more

Gut Check

Do Michigan legislators have the political will to cut spending? … more

Fearless Forecaster

David Littmann's take on the future of the auto industry. … more

News Release: Bill Curbs Regulatory Regime

New legislation would make legislators more accountable and limit regulatory agencies’ power, which Russ Harding called for in 2005.  … more

News Release: Labor Law for Charters

The Mackinac Center today released “Leveling the Playing Field,” a guide to labor law and how it applies to charter public schools. … more

Strong Words

The Mackinac Center provides a steady voice in uncertain times. … more

Can I Ask You a Question?

Questions Tea Party activists should ask political candidates. … more

News Release: Mich. Unemployment Could Rise

Mackinac Center Senior Economist David L. Littmann predicts in a video interview that Michigan could see 20 percent unemployment as a result of the auto crisis. … more

Tea Minus 10 Minutes

An easy guide to becoming a Tea Party activist. … more

Attitude Adjustment

Seven things that Tea Party activists get right. … more

Paper Cut

Cutting Michigan's budget 1 percent accomplishes nothing. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Michigan Education Digest: School Reform, Swine Flu, Teacher Strikes. … more

Undefined Benefit

The Michigan school employees' retirement fund is losing money. … more

News Release: More Schools Embrace Transparency

More schools across Michigan, including the second and fifth largest districts, have responded to the Center’s call to post their checkbook registers online.  … more

Drawn to Liberty

A collection of Henry Payne's editorial cartoons for the Mackinac Center. … more

Straight Talk

Center analysts discuss what Michigan must do to survive. … more


A flawed report about Michigan film subsidies should be redone. … more

News Release: AG Agrees Film Office Violated Law

A state attorney general's letter has confirmed the Michigan Film Office failed to report information required under state law.  … more

News Release: Center Analysts on Chrysler 'Bankruptcy'

Taxpayers would be better served by a market settlement or Chapter 11 bankruptcy than by a plan dictated by the federal government.  … more

Media Alert: Center Analysts Testify on Film Subsidies

Mackinac Center analysts today will testify before the Senate Finance Committee on inadequacies of a report on subsidies given by the Michigan Film Office. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Virtual school, satisfied teachers, pension fund. … more

Hitch a Ride

Michigan can't wait for the auto industry to rebound. … more

Siren Song

A look at who pays for the Michigan Film Incentive. … more

On the Bubble

TEA Party remarks by Mackinac Center President Joseph G. Lehman. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Grand Rapids test scores, charter school performance. … more

News Release: U.P. School Posts Spending

A tiny school district in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has embraced transparency by posting its spending online. … more

Mean Green Machine

A second look at "green" jobs this Earth Day. … more

A Rising Tide

Michigan's unemployment has increased since the 2007 tax hike. … more

Natural Selection

MichiganScience explores how and why more farmers are going organic. … more

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Bailouts and stimulus packages equate to a government bubble. … more

Tea Time

Kenneth Braun's comments at a TEA Party in west Michigan. … more


A closer look at Michigan's tax burden. … more

High Impact

A video update of the Center's activities for the first quarter of 2009. … more

Apples to Apples?

Comparing school performance across the states. … more

A Different Bankruptcy

How T.S. Eliot and Russell Kirk viewed the "moral imagination." … more

Michigan Education Digest

Robo champs, stimulus warning, education tax credits. … more

Hoping for Change

State government should perform only necessary functions. … more

Those Are the Breaks

A television show contains many parallels with government's bailout addiction. … more

Michigan Education Digest

MEAP test, MEA pension plan, Vestaburg bond issue. … more

News Release: Reed on Great Depression at CMU

Mackinac Center President Emeritus Lawrence W. Reed will discuss “Lessons from the Great Depression” April 13 at Central Michigan University. … more

Visa Credit or Debit?

Eliminating visas for Michigan resort workers can be seen two ways. … more

Bounced Check

Democracy through secret-ballot voting must be protected for workers.  … more

News Release: Reverse Coal Plant Ban

Gov. Granholm’s moratorium on coal-fired plants should be reversed to ensure reliable power and provide Michigan jobs. … more

Michigan Education Digest

AIG lawsuit, retirement incentive, building giveaway. … more

Art House

How cheap housing, not government grants, can revive the arts.  … more

Tax Tables

A comparison of Michigan's tax burden.  … more

Confidence Builder

Michigan Capitol Confidential readers can confidently question their legislators.  … more

Cinéma Vérité?

A Michigan Film Office report should have been left on the cutting-room floor.  … more

News Release: Film Office Report Violates Law

A Michigan Film Office report features questionable figures and lacks the line-item details that state law requires, a Center video explains.  … more

News Release: David Littmann at MSU March 31

David Littmann, award-winning senior economist for the Mackinac Center, will discuss how and why the economy has faltered and what can be done to correct it.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

All-day K, recall withdrawn, merit pay debate. … more

News Release: House Leader Posts Payroll

Michigan House Minority Leader Kevin Elsenheimer, R-Bellaire, has embraced transparency during Sunshine Week by posting online the names and salaries of his staff. … more

Nuclear Reaction

A look at the cost and feasibility of nuclear power in Michigan.  … more

The First Two Letters of MEA

The MEA's pension plan is expensive and does not help students.  … more

Five Alive

Why government bailouts violate the principles of good government.  … more

Coming to a Head

Tax break for beer maker skews the playing field. … more

News Release: Politicians Must Walk the Walk

Sunshine Week provides a perfect opportunity for the media to investigate why politicians who accuse each other of not being transparent often are not themselves. … more

Michigan Education Digest

New med schools, home-schoolers persist, retirement pay. … more

Labor Talks

Paul Kersey on how labor law can benefit workers instead of unions. … more

This Little Light of Mine

Politicians who talk about transparency should practice what they preach.  … more

News Release: Macomb Schools Post Spending

Romeo and Chippewa Valley are the first districts in Macomb County to respond to a Mackinac Center request for greater transparency. … more

Numbers Game

Secret ballots under EFCA: It can be done. In theory. … more

Public Comments About Private Property

Nancy Kurdziel addresses the East Lansing City Council … more

Michigan Education Digest

Jail-based academy, new state assessment, bond swap. … more

Truth Serum

How legislators vote and what they claim can be very different. … more

News Release: State Pays Unions $17 Million

Documents obtained by the Mackinac Center through a FOIA request show that Michigan taxpayers contributed more than $17 million to six unions in 2008.  … more

Charting a Course

Charter public school report contains good news.  … more

Lots of Zeroes in Trillion

Stimulus packages are nothing but theft and cowardice. … more

First in Something

Michigan once again leads the nation in outbound moves. … more

Michigan Education Digest

GR audiotape, Lansing Promise, charter report. … more

A Kelo of Prevention

A Mackinac Center forum on property rights in East Lansing.  … more

Cool Millions

The costs outweigh the benefits of global warming regulations. … more

Power Struggle

A moratorium on coal plants will further harm Michigan's economy. … more

Michigan Expensive Development Corporation

Proposed legislation could shed light on job creation performance. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Merit pay, athlete GPA, DPS payroll shortage. … more

An Encouraging Word

Not everything about the economy is disheartening. … more

Cornerstone of a Good Education

Northwood University is helping teach Detroit students about economics. … more

Drunk With Power

A new law further protects beer and wine wholesalers from competition. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Vouchers, W-W settles, free enterprise class. … more

Rookie Sensations

Two freshmen state representatives take transparency to a new level. … more

News Release: Legislators Provide Spending Transparency

While veteran state politicians talk about transparency and do nothing, two freshmen legislators have posted information on their Web sites detailing who works for them and how much they are paid. … more

Che What?

A new film about Che Guevara misses the mark. … more

Polluting the Environment

East Lansing's disrespect for private property rights is a toxic issue. … more

Dear Mr. President

How Ron Gettelfinger can help the UAW help automakers. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Pension plan, health savings, small schools. … more

State of Crisis?

A Tally of Limitations and Expansions in the 2009 State of the State Address. … more

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