Features and Highlights

Prague Prologue

The groundwork for the 'Velvet Revolution' was laid years earlier. … more

Intern Outcomes

The Center's past interns have lived up to expectations. … more

News Release: Teacher Quality Primer Released

This study assesses the impact of teacher quality on student performance and examines strategies for improvement, including merit pay. … more

Contracting Out is In

New school privatization survey shows another increase. … more

Flame Out

Michigan's Supreme Court rejects firefighter unions' claims. … more

News Release: School Privatization Increases

The Mackinac Center’s sixth school support service privatization survey shows yet another increase in the number of Michigan school districts taking advantage of contracting out. … more

Michigan Education Digest

MME scores, benefit reform, special ed rules. … more

Explore the Possibilities

Russ Harding discusses Great Lakes drilling. … more

Regulating the Regulators

New legislation aims to curb DEQ powers. … more

Math Facts

Schools are using more than just math class to meet new standards. … more

Eth Addiction

State subsidies for an ethanol plant won't help Michigan's economy. … more

Freedom Writer

Solzhenitsyn's death reminds us that liberty cannot be taken lightly. … more

Michigan Education Digest

More Detroit charters, Quincy contract, algebra I… more

Great Lakes Sharks?

The new MichiganScience features a "mega" fossil find. … more

Powering Down

Proposed legislation would increase cost for electricity customers. … more

Adequate Yearly Trying

NCLB growth model gives Michigan schools more chances. … more

News Release: Center Asks Oakland Districts to Post Spending

The Center praises two Oakland school districts for posting detailed expenditures online and challenges other Oakland districts to follow suit by the end of the month. … more

Music, Markets and Memories

A celebration of Milton Friedman, jazz and blues in Chicago. … more

News Release: Governor’s Office Refuses to Post Expenditures

The Office of the Governor declined two requests by the Mackinac Center to adopt a greater level of transparency and accountability in its expenditure reporting. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Michigan achievement gap, Bay City trimesters, fuel costs. … more

Lessons Learned?

Another overspending crisis shows the Legislature was wrong to hike taxes. … more

Penny for Your Thoughts

A partisan reform initiative offers virtually no cost savings. … more

Status Quo

The "first-class" status of Detroit Public Schools should not hinder reform. … more

Minimum Wage, Maximum Hassle

How a higher minimum wage means more unemployment. … more

News Release: Ruling Limits State Agency Powers

A landmark decision by the Michigan Supreme Court expands our freedoms by limiting the ability of state agencies to interpret state laws. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Charter school rally, competing for students, DPS budget. … more

Successful Succession

Lawrence Reed and Joseph Lehman discuss changes at the Center. … more

Mackinac Center Announces Leadership Changes

Lawrence W. Reed assumes president emeritus role Sept. 1; Executive Vice President Joseph G. Lehman unanimous choice of board as successor. … more

Reform Michigan Labor Now

Union members shouldn't have to fund partisan ballot measures. … more

Reform — or Deform?

The "Reform Michigan Government Now" proposal appears to advance a partisan interest, not the public interest. … more

Commentaries on 'Reform Michigan Government Now' Proposal

Center analysts discuss a proposed state constitutional amendment that pursues partisan ends under the guise of reducing government.  … more

An Intern's Service on the RMGN Proposal

The Mackinac Center's Jim Vote was in the right place at the right time — and did the right thing. … more

Department of Economic Quality?

The DEQ now wants to dabble in central planning. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Monroe teacher firing, energy savings, private school applies for charter. … more

Word Games

A proposed ballot initiative is longer than America's founding documents. … more

Stuck in the Middle

There is no moderation between good and bad economics. … more

Go West(wood), Young Student

Public school finds success with private company's help. … more

Money Trail

A revision of union LM-2 reporting is needed. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS lawsuit, charter school deauthorized, school reporting costs. … more

Teaching Credentials

Who is qualified to study teacher quality? … more

Red Ink

Two dozen public school districts battle overspending. … more

Tune In

Songs to reflect on this Independence Day. … more

Drill Bit

Great Lakes directional drilling is environmentally and economically sound. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS budget cuts, tenure hearing, Northville concessions … more

Around the State

Updates on privatization efforts. … more


A greenhouse gas accord would cap Michigan's economy and trade away jobs. … more

Gas Lines

A proposed "gas gouging" law could end up increasing your cost at the pump. … more

Dormitory Dollars

Public universities can save money with private partnerships. … more

Michigan Education Digest

MESSA costs, privatization savings, DPS overspending. … more

Can't We All Get Along?

Partisan politics isn't the problem. Relying on it is. … more

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