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Chart Toppers

The 25 most popular Current Comments of 2008 … more

Michigan Education Digest

Strike talk, school closings, Muskegon merit pay. … more

Blowing Smoke

Smoking bans are a form of property rights abuse. … more

Bark, but No Bite

Putting some teeth in the teacher strike laws. … more

Point of Departure

New Census Bureau data shows Michiganders are headed elsewhere. … more

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

What legislators say and how they vote don't always mesh. … more

Transparency 101

Explaining the role of government transparency in a free society. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Calloway out, administrator pay, fingerprint debate. … more

Goose, but No Gander

Gov. Granholm's inconsistency on whose money should bail out auto industry. … more

Humble Words

Lawrence Reed's commencement address at Northwood. … more

Regulation is Job 1

Fewer regulations, not bailout money, will save the Big Three. … more

Recalled E-mail

Court battle continues over union e-mail. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS money manager, windmill study, e-mail release. … more

Not Your Father's Ford

How would bureaucrats react to a modern-day Henry Ford? … more

News Release: More School Districts Post Spending

School districts in Oakland, Midland and Houghton counties have agreed to post their checkbook registers online in response to a Mackinac Center request as part of it’s “Show Michigan the Money” transparency project. … more

Higher Ed, Higher Costs

College costs can be controlled. … more

Thanks for the Memories

A tribute to President Emeritus Lawrence W. Reed. … more

Depressing Parallels

Lawrence Reed discusses the Great Depression and today's economy. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Proration, freeze-for-MESSA, NCLB lawsuit. … more

Renaissance Center

If targeted tax relief is good, statewide tax relief is better. … more

News Release: Cigarette Taxes Can Cause Smuggling Problems

A new Mackinac Center study suggests that high state cigarette taxes can impose significant social costs in smuggling and ancillary crime. … more

Testing, Testing

Schools are using a variety of ways to measure immediate student achievement. … more

High Rent District

Targeted tax breaks do not help create jobs. … more

Fearless Forecasters

Predictions about Michigan's economy have been less than successful. … more

Jobs Bank

The UAW must make concessions to help save jobs. … more

Car Facts

Fundamental changes could help the Big Three avoid bailouts and bankruptcy. … more

Inspire, Don't Expire

Lawrence W. Reed's comments from our 20th anniversary gala. … more

Lashing Out

The MEA advances its agenda with school board recalls. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Teachers want charter, leaving MESSA, algebra II success. … more

Decisions, Decisions

Workers who want true freedom must take a stand on EFCA. … more

Michigan Privatization Digest

Pontiac seeks asset options, Iosco County explores inspection contracting, Union files lawsuit to prevent Detroit incinerator deal. … more

20-20 Vision

The Mackinac Center celebrates 20 years and looks ahead. … more

Science Substance Over Style

Remembering Michael Crichton's career. … more

Not Easy Being Green

The push for green jobs ignores economic realities. … more

Notable Quotables

Kind words in honor of the Mackinac Center's 20th anniversary. … more

In Memory of John Riecker

The Center mourns the passing of a valued leader. … more

News Release: PEG Fees Unnecessary

A new study shows the proposed legislation to allow municipalities to increase PEG fees is not supported by demand and could increase cable bills. … more

Red and Blue Make Purple

People must fight back against the battering, bruising political class. … more

Recall Redux

The battle over recall petitions led to greater rights for Michigan voters. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Teachers sick, DPS finances, security cameras. … more

A Matter of Trust

New accountability rules for union trusts should be kept in place. … more

Revolutionary Cure

A prescription to fix what ails Michigan. … more

Assessing Assessments

If home values are falling, should taxes, too? … more

Michigan Education Digest

GR pay proposal, Pontiac cash flow, school funding. … more

Washed Up

MEGA incentives fail to help Whirlpool save jobs. … more

Silence is Deafening

What message do nonvoters send? … more

Funeral for a Friend

DEQ decisions are job killers. … more

Roger That

Pilot program for teacher merit pay gains support. … more

Bound Over

Proposed legislation would change how counties bargain with jail guards.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Dropout summit, union e-mail, school-closing group, merit pay pilot. … more

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