Features and Highlights

Penny for Your Thoughts

A Michigan business owner discusses the perils of a 2 percent excise tax … more

Second Opinion

How Michigan can solve its health care problems. … more

Private Enterprise

Private employees provide quality and savings for public schools. … more

Mean Green

Michigan legislators shouldn't over-regulate the alternative energy market. … more

Bound and Gagged

Binding arbitration can mean less pay and fewer rights for workers under EFCA. … more

Two Pennies Too Much

Why an excise tax would hurt, not help, Michigan's economy. … more

Budget Twister

Michigan shouldn't subsidize amusement parks if a budget crisis really exists. … more

Death Warmed Over

Resurrecting Michigan's death tax could drive more taxpayers out of state. … more

Investing in Unemployment?

A proposed 2 percent service tax could cost 19,000 Michigan jobs. … more

Detroit to Dallas

The anti-business climate in Michigan forces Comerica to park somewhere else. … more

Ties That Bind

The EFCA could bind workers and employers to contracts neither wants. … more

Heated Exchange

Diane Katz explains why science should not be about consensus. … more

Off the Charts

Detroit parents deserve more charter public schools. … more

Work In Progress

Michigan's economic recovery could begin with a right-to-work statute. … more

Arbitration Manipulation

"Interest arbitration" doesn't give employees much of a free choice. … more

By the Book

Charles Koch's new book examines market-based management. … more

Theatrical Gore

Hollywood embraces a documentary that often tortures the truth. … more

Service Without A Smile

A sales tax on services would be bad for Michigan's working families. … more

Amazing Grace

The 200th anniversary of the end of the British slave trade is celebrated. … more

Sympathy Card

Card check can establish unions where workers do not want one. … more

How Much Is Enough?

Lack of planning on their part isn't an emergency on your part. … more

Presidents Day Plea

Those who do not learn their past are doomed to lose it. … more

Lifetime Achievement

Lawrence Reed remembers friend and Oscar winner Haing Ngor. … more

Fully Funded

School boards and teachers, not unions, should make health insurance decisions. … more

Be My Valentine

Who knew property rights and free markets could be so romantic? … more

Labor Intensive

Proposed changes in labor law should protect workers, not unions. … more

Port Authority

Scientists disagree on how to treat ballast water from oceangoing vessels. … more

Sign Here

Organized labor wants to take away the privacy of secret ballots from workers. … more

Fear Factor

Working families beware of politicians who speak ill about spending cuts.  … more

Bad Investments?

In her State of the State, the governor proposes "investing" in government. … more

Government Growth

State employees' pay and benefits outpace those in the private sector. … more

Double Meaning

When elected officials say "invest," they mean they want more of your money. … more

Waste Not, Want Not

Cities and others are spending your tax dollars to lobby for even more taxes. … more

A Force to Reckon With

William Wilberforce's fight to end slavery in Britain is a message of optimism. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Jackson saves with contracts for subs, enrollment incentives, Shepherd elections. … more

Fire Sale

The city of Pontiac can reduce expenses by contracting for fire protection. … more

Off Track

A proposed commuter train in southeast Michigan is a financial wreck. … more

Older, not Wiser?

There are lessons to be learned from Michigan's early failures and success. … more

OFIS Overreach

Is the Office of Financial and Insurance Services usurping legislative power? … more

Capital Cooperation

School reform in D.C. requires teachers union involvement. … more

Greek Tragedy?

What would Socrates, the ancient sage, think of modernity's minimum wage? … more

Around the State

A digest of privatization initiatives and news from across Michigan. … more

Saving For College

More spending on higher education does not ensure economic growth. … more

Department of Private Works

The city of Pontiac could save money by contracting its public works. … more

Michigan Education Digest

"Rave reviews" for janitors, Ypsilanti schools advertise, Portage free speech. … more

Help Not Wanted

Michigan's Legislature can help the economy by doing less, not more. … more

Contract Capabilities

Private firms help public schools save money in new and innovative ways. … more

Losing Ground

Michael LaFaive discusses Michigan's budget crisis and outbound migration. … more

Local Control

How the teachers union attempts to usurp the powers of elected school boards. … more

Population Implosion

How many people are leaving Michigan and where are they going? … more

Attendance Record

A look at the voting records of Michigan legislators in 2005 and 2006. … more


New Year's advice for the new Michigan Legislature. … more

Read All About It

A look at the Center's international media exposure. … more

Ford Recall

Mackinac Center President Lawrence W. Reed remembers President Ford. … more

Top 100

Black River Public School ranks as one of nation's best high schools. … more


The AFL-CIO wants the UN, not the Constitution, to determine labor law. … more

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