Features and Highlights

Sink or Swim

Michigan is barely treading water compared to its Great Lakes neighbors. … more

Tiger Tales

The history of Tiger Stadium shows that private ownership is a home run. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS fights union, Lansing cuts teacher stipend, lock-down drill angers parents. … more

Artistic Expression

Cutting funding for the Ann Arbor Film Festival isn't censorship. … more

Blank Check

Proposal 5 is about teacher pensions, not students. … more

Fear and Loathing

Politicans will say or do anything to get elected. … more

Mission Creep

Prop 5 will merely enable public schools to maintain noneducational activities.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

GRCC leaves MESSA, MEAP rules violated, USDE on same-gender schools. … more

Déjà Vu All Over Again

When government picks winners and losers, we all lose. … more

Property Proposal

Prop 4 would protect private property from governmental economic takings. … more

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