Features and Highlights

Breathe Easy

By every measure, our crisp Michigan autumn air is getting cleaner. … more

Woebegone Taxpayers

Garrison Keillor's film is a commercial hit. So why is his radio show subsidized? … more

Michigan Education Digest

Districts give faulty data, schools sue state, DPS recall possible. … more

Coercive Acts?

The Flint sit-down strike and Depression-era labor law hurt the auto industry. … more

Myth Conception

Opponents of school privatization propagate some strange ideas.  … more

Prop 5 Fallacy

Some hope that more spending will improve education. It hasn't so far. … more

Cable Ahead

Ending cable monopolies would help Michigan send a positive message. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS enrollment, Lakeview settles, competitive contracting in Oakland. … more

Arresting Development

An underdeveloped nation teaches the value of the rule of law. … more

Board Appeal

One can serve on a school board without having children in the system. … more

Tax Fix

Doing business in Michigan should be a less taxing proposition. … more

School in Focus

A small Michigan school district offers a unique educational setting. … more

Michigan Education Digest

GRPS against Prop 5, Saginaw merit pay, charters growing. … more

Growth Inhibitor?

Increased higher education spending can slow economic growth. … more

A Time To Share

"Shared time" allows public, private schools to share faculty, resources. … more

Wrong Prescription

Massachusetts-style insurance mandates could produce negative side effects. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS strike ends, St. Johns impasse, Michigan gets failing grade for college. … more

Energy Paper Chase

New paperwork mandates on utilities won't lower rates.  … more

Loathsome Leaders

In centrally planned governments, the worst rise to the top.  … more

Around the State

A digest of privatization initiatives and news from across Michigan. … more

Wage Depreciation

For one young worker, a minimum wage increase led to no wages at all. … more

Customer Satisfaction

Competition and innovation in public schools benefit everyone involved. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS and EMU strikes, remedial education, voucher schools more diverse. … more

Proving Ground

Genuine public school reform has been tested — and validated — in Edmonton. … more

Outside the Strike Zone

Michigan law is clear: It is illegal for public sector employees to strike. … more

What's Going On?

A Motown classic is transformed into a big government tune. … more

A Student's Tribute

Justin W. Marshall remembers a great teacher, Dr. Dale Haywood. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Detroit schools open without teachers, MESSA changes, Prop 5 questioned. … more

Free Association

Workers should be free to seek union representation — or not. … more

Motown Jazz

Individual, not government, contributions keep the Detroit Jazz Festival alive. … more

And the Survey Says...

Michigan's public school districts are privatizing more than ever. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Detroit teachers strike, more schools miss AYP, MESSA changes in Marquette. … more

Budget Buster

Colorado's mandated education funding increases teach an expensive lesson. … more

Growth Factor

For incentives to spur economic growth, they must be available to all. … more

Taxes Do Matter

Politicians are off target when they grant tax relief to a favored few. … more

Fort Knox

Frank Knox's firm stand against the New Deal has been vindicated by history.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Felon flap in Jackson, competitive contract in Livingston, help for dropouts. … more

Unpopular Science?

The work of the Michigan Environmental Science Board is too often ignored. … more

Recovery Plan

Michigan could recoup millions of dollars in Medicaid revenue. Why doesn't it? … more

Red Relics

The Museum of Communism in Prague exhibits the remnants of a failed ideology.  … more

Saint Nicholas

A British stockbroker leveraged the power of good and saved 669 children. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Competitive contracting creates jobs, NCLB and minorities, contract incentives. … more


A Cuban-American film avoids Hollywood's strange love of communism. … more

"It Can Happen to You"

A state businesswoman explains how good property can be seized as "bad." … more

Regulation Rations

Russ Harding explains why the government should pay for what it eats.  … more

A Blighted History

Patrick J. Wright reviews the state of the law of eminent domain in Michigan. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Holland contract settled; privatization grows; study finds private beats public. … more

A Going Concern?

Will the city of Pontiac's financial autonomy soon be going, going, gone? … more

Poor Study Habits?

A study comparing public and private school performance is flawed. … more

A "Kelo" of Prevention

A Mackinac Center forum in Lansing explored how to restore property rights. … more

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