Features and Highlights

Vindicating Property Rights

The Michigan Supreme Court restores individuals' defenses against government seizures of their property. … more

Make America Safer by Making Government Smaller

Government will fail to do what it is supposed to do if it does too much of what it is not supposed to do. … more

The Better Choice for School Choice

The National Conference of State Legislatures hosted Joseph Lehman to compare vouchers and tuition tax credits. … more

Detroit Schools’ Deficit Appears Linked to Staffing

A review of Detroit Public Schools figures suggests the district engaged in unrealistic hiring as enrollment declined. … more

Michigan Education Digest

ISD reforms signed; Detroit enrollment drops while employment grows; vouchers vs. tax credits; remedial costs. … more

'Offshoring' State Services Benefits Michigan

Preventing the state from using foreign companies results in higher costs, fewer services, or both.  … more

Union Subjects Religious Objector to Modern-Day Inquisition

A teacher trying to exercise her rights finds herself forced to substantiate her religious beliefs to a panel of her peers. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Michigan teachers paid 2nd-highest; NCLB progress; Detroit union may sue to stop charters; grants for failing schools; EMU construction scandal. … more

Zogby/Mackinac Center survey: Union members question union organizing tactic

A national survey of union members suggests that a majority would prefer the current secret-ballot system for unionizing a workplace to the “card check” favored by union officials.  … more

Proposed Electricity Bills in Lansing Would Harm Consumers and Decrease Reliability of Supply

Bills introduced this month in the state Senate threaten to end the lower prices and improved service enjoyed by Michigan’s electrical consumers since deregulation in 2000.  … more

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