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25 CCs of Adrenaline

Get year-end energy from 25 Current Comments that charged up our Web site.  … more

Underground Wine Sellers?

Michigan should end laws discriminating against out-of-state wineries.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

$1.3 billion tax credit savings, Detroit school audit, year-round schools. … more

School Break

A Mackinac Center survey suggests schools get good services for less with privatization.  … more

Historically Correct

A great new book sets the record straight on American history. … more

Fixed Liability

From tariffs to outsourcing barriers, government price-fixing burdens the poor. … more

Grand Juries

Private courts and jurors offer expertise and efficiency. … more

Michigan Education Digest

High school MEAP; state budget shift; competing for charters. … more

The Changing UAW

The auto workers union is adapting to a competitive market. … more

School Dance

America's 170-year waltz with school reform will drag on forever without school choice. … more

Asian Food for Thought

New TIMSS results will likely show that free-market schooling is brain food.  … more

Any Way We Can

The latest international test results show we need bold reform in U.S. education. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Funding adequacy, new ISD laws, no Detroit plan. … more

Intelligent Design?

Michigan schools aren't helping kids use their heads.  … more

Golden Calf of Democracy

Democracy may facilitate peaceful change, but it is not an end in itself. … more

Dereliction of Duty

The plight of U.S. veterans illustrates the tragedies of government health care.  … more

Out of Bounds

Municipal governments should slice golf courses from their balance sheets. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Detroit deficit, fewer foreign students, Pell Grant changes. … more

Rethinking Mental Health

The state's mental health system should empower patients and guardians, not state agencies. … more

Ironic Choices

Detroit parents will continue to choose their kids' schools, so the state might as well help.  … more

Food Fights

Chemical scares shouldn't ruin your Thanksgiving. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Detroit deficit, Benzie contract talks, special education law. … more

Bequeathing Freedom

We thank James M. Rodney for his contributions to the Mackinac Center and to the progress of liberty.  … more

Patient Approach

Medical Savings Accounts are a modest, but meaningful step forward. … more

Capitalizing Trouble

With a new venture capital program, Michigan government has stepped in where angels fear to tread. … more

Michigan Education Digest

State Senate on MEAP, 'Prop A' review, Detroit school closings. … more

Free and Rich

A new study suggests Michigan would be wealthier if it were freer. … more

Indian Outsourcing

Indian parents are outsourcing education to private schools, making their kids competitive with ours.  … more

Granny Clause

“Granny Clause” isn’t Santa’s mother. It’s a sweeping rationale for government power. … more

Profit, Loss and Pluto

The success of a private spacecraft demonstrates the power of the marketplace. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Possible MEAP phaseout, failing high schools, Detroit board proposal. … more

News Release: Howard Headlee Comments on Father's Passing

Information about Richard H. Headlee from his family.  … more

Remembering a Giant: A Tribute to Richard H. Headlee

Dick Headlee was a living example of the ancient republican ideal. … more

Englishmen in da Moonlight

Two illustrious Brits are commemorated in the Upper Peninsula.  … more

Balancing Budgets

Fiscal Policy Director Michael D. LaFaive says he would prefer more money for your family budget than for the state's.  … more

An Outsourcing Parable

How a good synergism helps us and our neighbors, both at home and abroad.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Holland privatization, NCLB reform coalition, Michigan school funding. … more

From Arbroath to Austin

As the idea spreads, the reason remains the same. … more

Just Pay Me Tuesday, Warren

A renowned investor gets some tax advice. … more


MichiganVotes.org can help you fight "rational ignorance." … more

Time Change

As we "fall back" this weekend, we should recall how the market created time zones. … more

Giving Currency to Bad Ideas

Money is the root of all inflation. … more

Spending Fix?

First they came for the smokers. … … more

Striking Out

Without a market, the union army goes on the march.  … more

Teaching by Example

Public school teachers are nearly twice as likely as other parents to send their children to private schools. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Kentwood contract, Proposal 1 education, Gaylord dispute. … more

Recycling Garbage

Two state Senate bills would repeat the error of trying to jump-start recycling markets. … more

Gaining Ground

Eternal vigilance is paying off.  … more

Bay Mills Charter Crews

Bay Mills Community College has weathered a storm of controversy in providing schools to those who want them.  … more

Canadian Health Dare

Americans who long for the Canadian system should be careful what they ask for.  … more

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