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25 CCs of Adrenaline

Get year-end energy from 25 Current Comments that charged up our Web site.  … more

Underground Wine Sellers?

Michigan should end laws discriminating against out-of-state wineries.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

$1.3 billion tax credit savings, Detroit school audit, year-round schools. … more

School Break

A Mackinac Center survey suggests schools get good services for less with privatization.  … more

Historically Correct

A great new book sets the record straight on American history. … more

Fixed Liability

From tariffs to outsourcing barriers, government price-fixing burdens the poor. … more

Grand Juries

Private courts and jurors offer expertise and efficiency. … more

Michigan Education Digest

High school MEAP; state budget shift; competing for charters. … more

The Changing UAW

The auto workers union is adapting to a competitive market. … more

School Dance

America's 170-year waltz with school reform will drag on forever without school choice. … more

Asian Food for Thought

New TIMSS results will likely show that free-market schooling is brain food.  … more

Any Way We Can

The latest international test results show we need bold reform in U.S. education. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Funding adequacy, new ISD laws, no Detroit plan. … more

Intelligent Design?

Michigan schools aren't helping kids use their heads.  … more

Golden Calf of Democracy

Democracy may facilitate peaceful change, but it is not an end in itself. … more

Dereliction of Duty

The plight of U.S. veterans illustrates the tragedies of government health care.  … more

Out of Bounds

Municipal governments should slice golf courses from their balance sheets. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Detroit deficit, fewer foreign students, Pell Grant changes. … more

Rethinking Mental Health

The state's mental health system should empower patients and guardians, not state agencies. … more

Ironic Choices

Detroit parents will continue to choose their kids' schools, so the state might as well help.  … more

Food Fights

Chemical scares shouldn't ruin your Thanksgiving. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Detroit deficit, Benzie contract talks, special education law. … more

Bequeathing Freedom

We thank James M. Rodney for his contributions to the Mackinac Center and to the progress of liberty.  … more

Patient Approach

Medical Savings Accounts are a modest, but meaningful step forward. … more

Capitalizing Trouble

With a new venture capital program, Michigan government has stepped in where angels fear to tread. … more

Michigan Education Digest

State Senate on MEAP, 'Prop A' review, Detroit school closings. … more

Free and Rich

A new study suggests Michigan would be wealthier if it were freer. … more

Indian Outsourcing

Indian parents are outsourcing education to private schools, making their kids competitive with ours.  … more

Granny Clause

“Granny Clause” isn’t Santa’s mother. It’s a sweeping rationale for government power. … more

Profit, Loss and Pluto

The success of a private spacecraft demonstrates the power of the marketplace. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Possible MEAP phaseout, failing high schools, Detroit board proposal. … more

News Release: Howard Headlee Comments on Father's Passing

Information about Richard H. Headlee from his family.  … more

Remembering a Giant: A Tribute to Richard H. Headlee

Dick Headlee was a living example of the ancient republican ideal. … more

Englishmen in da Moonlight

Two illustrious Brits are commemorated in the Upper Peninsula.  … more

Balancing Budgets

Fiscal Policy Director Michael D. LaFaive says he would prefer more money for your family budget than for the state's.  … more

An Outsourcing Parable

How a good synergism helps us and our neighbors, both at home and abroad.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Holland privatization, NCLB reform coalition, Michigan school funding. … more

From Arbroath to Austin

As the idea spreads, the reason remains the same. … more

Just Pay Me Tuesday, Warren

A renowned investor gets some tax advice. … more


MichiganVotes.org can help you fight "rational ignorance." … more

Time Change

As we "fall back" this weekend, we should recall how the market created time zones. … more

Giving Currency to Bad Ideas

Money is the root of all inflation. … more

Spending Fix?

First they came for the smokers. … … more

Striking Out

Without a market, the union army goes on the march.  … more

Teaching by Example

Public school teachers are nearly twice as likely as other parents to send their children to private schools. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Kentwood contract, Proposal 1 education, Gaylord dispute. … more

Recycling Garbage

Two state Senate bills would repeat the error of trying to jump-start recycling markets. … more

Gaining Ground

Eternal vigilance is paying off.  … more

Bay Mills Charter Crews

Bay Mills Community College has weathered a storm of controversy in providing schools to those who want them.  … more

Canadian Health Dare

Americans who long for the Canadian system should be careful what they ask for.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Employee school choice, free speech case, Kentwood strike news  … more

The Unkindest Cut?

A recent series of newspaper articles on federal tax cuts omitted some larger truths.  … more

Special Ed Surplus

Has Michigan's funding system caused too many kids to be termed "disabled"? … more

Fewer Students = More Money?

This equation doesn't work. Public schools should cut costs. … more

Storm Drain

Ivan, Charley, Frances and Jeanne really belong to the Jets and the Sharks. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Kentwood district deadlock, Milwaukee voucher study, suspended Internet grants. … more

Freeing to Choose

School-choice advocates gather at the Cato Institute to discuss the education marketplace of the future. … more

An Anchor to Windward

John Riecker, an honored friend of the Mackinac Center, discusses its special intellectual role. … more

Honoring John and Ranny Riecker

The Mackinac Center dedicates its board room to two exemplars of de Tocqueville's America. … more

From Threat to Friend

As bad as it is, the state's Toyota deal has a silver lining. … more

Michigan Education Digest

School choice budget gains, 'count day' prizes, fighting truancy. … more

Revolting Development

State development agencies spent, and Michigan's economy suffered.  … more

School Boards: Helping Themselves?

School boards might send a better message to the public if they avoided the Michigan Association of School Boards. … more

Found in Translation

Joseph Lehman explains to Asian free-marketers how to "translate ideas into success." … more

Michigan Education Digest

Bay City MEAP, Michigan college affordability, U.P. home-schooling. … more

Going Dutch

Free-market education policies are time-tested and successful. … more

Teach the Teachers, Test the Students

Book reviews of "There Are No Shortcuts," by Rafe Esquith, and "The $100,000 Teacher," by Brian Crosby … more

Balancing the Budget Without Taxes

Legislative Analyst Jack McHugh offers specific state budget recommendations and responds to the state House and Senate fiscal agencies. … more

The Charter Mirage

Public debate rages over an idea that has never been tried. … more

A Debate Over Outsourcing

A Mackinac Center scholar and the president of the Michigan AFL-CIO go toe-to-toe. … more

Mongol Khan-Quest

A Mackinac Center friend becomes prime minister of Mongolia. … more

Does Teacher Certification Matter?

The state Board of Education chafes on the wrong issue.  … more

County Tax Shift: It Quacks, It Waddles; It’s a Duck

The county tax shift in the proposed state budget is a tax increase. … more

Certifiable Numbers?

The state education department has produced dubious certification numbers, hurting charter schools in the process.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

State SAT scores, D.C. school vouchers, MET, and more  … more

Labor Gains

American workers have achieved a gold-medal year.  … more

MEGA May Be Unconstitutional

A federal court has declared an Ohio tax incentive program unconstitutional, casting doubt on a Michigan program as well.  … more

Shortchanging Michigan

The Legislature should kill the Toyota land deal and embrace equal treatment instead.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Schools' self-grading, single-sex classes, budget-trimming, and more … more

Teachers, Not Timeservers

A Saginaw public school teacher argues for merit pay. … more

Pivotal? Probably Not.

If passion and rhetoric made presidential elections “pivotal,” the 2004 battle would qualify.  … more

Putting a Premium on Education?

Health care benefits for public school personnel are more expensive because of the MEA's powerful insurance arm.  … more

Power to the People?

The Board of State Canvassers' most recent action is only the latest infringement of a fundamental political right of Michigan's citizens. … more

A State Gas Tax That Should Run Out of Fuel

To avoid spending discipline, Lansing may extend a state gas tax that has already been poorly administered. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Catholic school union vote halted; Michigan universities ranked; analysis says charters not performing … more

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: Value Added?

A widely touted national certification program does not appear to produce better teachers. … more

Michigan's Budget Deficit Calls for Structural Reforms

Lansing should cut spending by returning to its core mission.  … more

Carpenter Helps Build Jobs With Snow

A Mackinac Center friend asks the right questions of the secretary of the treasury. … more

Will a Detroit-area Catholic School Be Unionized?

A Michigan commission rules that the school’s religious status does not shield it from organizing efforts. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Florida court strikes down school choice program; Bay City schools may require students to pass MEAP to graduate; Flint area outsourcing receives praise, criticism  … more

The Mackinac Center Announces Venues for Its 2004 High School Debate Workshops

Michigan high school debaters will receive unique resources and training on this year's national debate resolution, which involves the United Nations.  … more

The Blackout of 2003 Doesn't Justify Regulation in 2004

Free-market reforms didn't cause the blackout a year ago. We shouldn't return to the Dark Ages of electrical regulation.  … more

Free Markets Blossom in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh may have won the battle for power, but he is losing the war for the future to free-market capitalism … more

Michigan Education Digest

Detroit schools on ballot; More state schools show improvement; U.S. home schooling on rise … more

Democracy Isn't Nirvana

Although "democracy" will be the focus of news this presidential season, it's economic freedom that really matters.  … more

Symbolic Victories?

The Legislature is considering no fewer than 11 new bills to create state symbols.  … more

Wetlands You Can't Bank On

The state's Department of Environmental Quality is hurting both the environment and the economy by its foot-dragging on wetland banks.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Female sports schedule discriminatory; Parents pay for after-school activities; British homeschooling; Race-based school assignments struck down … more

"Milking the Cow" of State Development Departments

Businesses can turn government development agencies into "cash cows" and hurt economic growth. … more

The Lesson From a Charter School’s Closing

The experiences of Walter French Academy and the Detroit Public Schools show that parental empowerment is a better path to good schools than increased state regulation. … more

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