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Are Targeted Tax Incentives Constitutional?

A legal case may determine that it is unconstitutional for states to hand out economic favors to businesses in order to gain economic advantage over another state.  … more

There'd Be No Thankgiving Without the Profit Motive

The settlers at Plymouth colony who started the Thanksgiving tradition nearly wiped themselves out early on when they set up a communal, socialistic economy.  … more

The Rothbardian Critique of Consumer Sovereignty

Many modern Austrian economists reject Mises's term "consumer sovereignty" because it conveys a misleading political idea about the market economy, explains Adjunct Scholar Robert Murphy. … more

Consumer Sovereignty: What Mises Meant

Adjunct Scholar Robert Murphy explains economist Ludwig von Mises's assertion that the true bosses in capitalism are consumers, despite the superficial power enjoyed by owners of land and businesses. … more

Want to Monitor Your State Government? Now It's Easy

A new, free web site, MichiganVotes.org, allows citizens to find out not just what lawmakers hope a bill will accomplish, but precisely how that bill will change the law.  … more

Government Cancels Christmas; Civil Society Restores It

A government decision to save money on Christmas decorations offers an object lesson in how civil society can solve problems. … more

Ann Arbor Measure Walls Out the Unwashed

The main effect of a "greenbelt" measure just approved by voters in Ann Arbor will likely be to push development even farther out into the countryside. … more

Dumping Retirees

The prescription drug benefit Congress wants to add to Medicare will encourage big companies like Ford and GM to dump their retirees into the government plan. … more

The Fallacy of State Economic "Unilateral Disarmament"

It's not "unilateral disarmament" for states to treat all businesses fairly and equally.  … more

Northern Michigan Hospital Nurses' Vote Puts Hospital, Teamsters in Legal Limbo

A disputed vote tally over whether NMH nurses would be represented by the Teamsters means it could be years before the issue is resolved. … more

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