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Consolidating Elections Is The Right Thing To Do

Michigan's Legislature has signed off on a package of bills that will put an end to "stealth" school millage elections, held on days when few voters are likely to participate.  … more

Gov. Granholm's "Cool Cities" Campaign

Should government be involved in trying to make cities "cool" places to live, in order to attract a young, energetic workforce?  … more

Your Tax Dollars At Work

The "omnibus appropriations bill" the U.S. House of Representatives just passed for Fiscal Year 2004 bears exquisite testimony to the profligacy of your federal government. And Michigan has a pork barrel too. … more

2,948 Jobs Won't Be Created if State Income Tax Cut Delayed, State Economic Model Shows

A widely respected economic modeling program predicts that delay of Michigan's scheduled cut in income tax from 4 percent to 3.9 percent will hurt the state's economy.  … more

Telecom Regs Stifle Competition and Investment, Raising Costs and Killing Jobs, Analyst Says

Requiring wire line telephone companies to allow rivals to utilize their networks hasn't exactly produced the telecom competition Congress intended. … more

Competition Policy in Telecommunications

The U.S. telecommunications industry is mired in a financial crisis because of federal regulations that stifle competition rather than encouraging it.  … more

MSU School Finance Study Too Narrow to Support Tax Hike Recommendation

In a new study, MSU economists claim a tax hike is necessary for Michigan's public schools. Yet, they have ignored important considerations and failed to make their case.  … more

Charter School Forces Flint Public Schools to Compete

Public schools in Flint have launched a Madison-Avenue-style ad campaign to stop the flow of students to local charter schools. … more

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