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Appeals Court Will Rule on Dismissal of MEA Lawsuit

Court puts trial on hold while it rules on free-speech case.  … more

Should State Government Be Its Own Personnel Manager?

Outsourcing could save $5 million per year or more. … more

Who Should Run Michigan's Lottery?

As long as the state is in the gambling business, it may as well be efficient about it.  … more

Long-Term Fix for State Budget

Ten ideas could put state government on the road to financial recovery.  … more

Lock in Savings with Prison Privatization

Most private prison operations save between 5 and 15 percent. Michigan could save hundreds of millions of dollars. … more

Should the Legislature Probibit 'Living Wage' Ordinances?

Legislative testimony examines the economic effects of wage laws. … more

House Committee Votes to Preempt Prevailing Wage Ordinances

Mackinac Center testimony was taken before the vote. … more

Executive Order Cuts School Funding

How the schools got cut by Gov. Granholm. … more

Genesee Parks Commission Considers Selling Land.

State government could learn from a budget-conscious county commission. … more

Symphony of Privatization

Government arts subsidies corrupt the arts. There is a better way. … more

Fairs to Remember

State fairs are here to stay, but the state budget need not subsidize them. … more

Kmart: Another MEGA Failure

Government subsidizes economic "winners" before they go bankrupt. … more

MEGA Jobs Program Is $45.5 Million Tax Loophole

To close corporate 'tax loopholes,' Gov. Granholm could start here. … more

Tribute to a Teacher

Celebrating an eminent economist on his 81st birthday. … more

Historic Preservation for Strip Malls?

The law of unintended consequences strikes again. … more

Gov. Granholm Proposes 14 Expansions of Government, 6 Limitations

Well Short of Engler’s Record 18 and Blanchard’s Record 19 Expansions … more

Special Education and Reading Achievement

Are educators pressured to dub slow readers as "learning disabled?" … more

Remembering Prague Spring

The persevering Czech people sent a message of resistance to tyranny everywhere. … more

Repeal of Prevailing Wage Law Could Have Closed this Year's Budget Deficit

Public schools alone would have saved $150 million. … more

Michigan's Budget Challenge

The introduction to a new Mackinac Center service with ongoing news, analysis, and commentary on the state budget crisis. … more

In Health Care, Put People Before Government

Universal health care is an idea whose time has come...and gone. … more

Does Holland, Michigan Need 'Living Wage'?

No law can make someone's labor more valuable just by making it illegal to pay him less. … more

Sales Tax on Services Is Bad Policy

But it is supported by some who benefit every time government raises taxes. … more

The Folly of 'Living Wage' Laws

They benefit high-skilled workers at the expense of low-skilled workers and taxpayers. … more

State Agriculture Department Spending Can Be Cut by One-Third

Report released today identifies $34 million in state agriculture budget savings and $59 million in one-time revenue. … more

New Union Financial Disclosure Rule Is Worker-Friendly

New requirements will go a long way to answering Michigan union members' number-one complaint. … more

An Interview with Lawrence Reed

Strike-the-Root.com asks the Mackinac Center's president about liberty's threats, political philosophy, and winning attitudes. … more

Telecom Rate Regulation Rings Hollow

The best telephone rate regulator is market competition, not government rules. … more

Why the State Must Tighten Its Belt

A $433 million start to fiscal responsibility. … more

Michigan Prison Costs and What to Do about Them

Corrections now consumes 17% of the state's General Fund. … more

Are Charter Schools Improving Student Performance?

They take more difficult-to-educate students, and they improve faster at charter schools. … more

Thomas M. Cooley and the Role of Government

One of Michigan's most eminent jurists would have opposed environmental policies that deprive citizens of the value of their property. … more

Reviewing Engler's Tenure

Michigan will feel his impact on school choice, taxes, and welfare for many years. … more

Union Agreement Threatens West Michigan Economy

Unwise labor agreements could make prosperous West Michigan more union-dominated and depressed like Flint and Detroit. … more

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