Features and Highlights

Will Southfield Privatize the Arts?

The Detroit suburb is considering selling its poorly managed and underused performing arts center. … more

Sinking Proposal A

A bill that would allow school districts to use "sinking funds" for the same purposes as regular school bonds would effectively circumvent Proposal A's property tax limits. … more

Pushing the Right Buttons

A bill introduced in Congress by U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood would address "push-button unionism" and other defects of federal labor law. … more

Privatize the "Porkies"

Does the state really belong in the ski resort business? … more

An Open Letter to Legislators

A nationally recognized economist explains what sound economic development policy is, and what it is not. … more

Enron, Worldcom, and Congress

Are more laws really the answer to corporate financial scandals? … more

Privatizing Prisoners

It's time to reform a state program that uses cheap prison labor to provide goods and services at the expense of private-sector businesses. … more

Hunting for Pork

With the help of lavish government subsidies, an out-of-state sporting goods company unfairly competes with a Michigan institution. … more

Privatization and the Blues

Why privatizing Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is a good idea. … more

Government's Bad "Investments"

A government "economic development" program is boldly going where three have failed before. … more

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