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Freedoms Worth Fighting For

Government has a distinct role in protecting us from foreign attacks, but it is private citizens working individually and together who create wealth, build institutions, help those in need, educate our children, and defend our liberties from all threats. … more

Education Tax Credits or Vouchers?

After Michigan and California voters last year rejected two school voucher proposals, education tax credits are becoming the preferred vehicle to expand educational opportunities for children across the country. … more

School Finance Reform in Michigan

A Mackinac Center education expert testifies before a Pennsylvania House of Representatives education reform committee on Michigan's experience with Proposal A. … more

Putting More Teachers in the Classroom

Nearly two million new teachers soon will be needed due to class-size reductions, teacher retirements, and enrollment increases. One way to avoid a shortage is to cut the needless government barriers that keep many qualified teachers out of the classroom. … more

Gold Reserves and the U.S. Dollar

A student Asks the Economist what would happen if the U.S. suddenly sold all of its gold reserves. … more

School Funding and Proposal A

Proposal A of 1994 dramatically altered the way government schools are funded in Michigan. Seven years later, debate continues over Proposal A's effects. … more

Motor City Needs a Tune-Up

In November, the citizens of Detroit will elect a new mayor. Regardless of who they choose for the job, residents should insist that their new executive consider privatization of assets and services as a way to give the Motor City the financial tune-up it desperately needs. … more

Making Social Security Secure

The best option for younger workers, minorities, and low-wage earners shortchanged by Social Security is a new system that allows them to reap more retirement income by privately investing their payroll taxes in stocks and bonds. … more

"Streamlining" the Sales Tax

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that state and local governments cannot force out-of-state companies to collect taxes for them. But some public officials aren't content with that ruling and are casting about for ways to further enhance already overflowing government revenue coffers. … more

Regulating Charter Schools

Will more government regulation bring greater accountability to charter schools? A recent study suggests the opposite: that less regulation leads to increased accountability and student achievement.  … more

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