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Grant Helps Launch New Initiative

The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation of Midland has awarded grants totaling $480,000 to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy to help launch a new public policy initiative and support the Center's general operations.  … more

"Proposal A+" for Michigan Schools

U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra joins the Mackinac Center in calling for greater school choice for Michigan parents in a recent Detroit News op-ed. … more

War and the Growth of Government

After a crisis, a government inflated with "emergency measures" almost never shrinks to its pre-crisis size. That's why the time to trim the bloated federal establishment is now… more

Charles Dickens and Child Labor

The miserable lot of children during the British Industrial Revolution is a major theme in many Dickens' classics including "A Christmas Carol." Was capitalism to blame for the misery? … more

Public Schools and Choice

How is Michigan's public schools-of-choice law working? Michigan Education Report investigates. … more

Lack of School Choice Is the Problem

A privatized school monopoly is no better than a government school monopoly. … more

State's Broadband Plan A Bad Idea

The state's plan to wire all of Michigan, including sparsely populated rural areas, with high-speed Internet cable is redundant at best and harmful to the telecommunications market at worst. … more

Preserving History at Bayonet Point

Preserving historic buildings is a noble endeavor, but it is best accomplished using voluntary means, not the coercion of government "historic district commissions." … more

The New Three Rs

The Mackinac Center's new director of science, environment, and technology policy explains the public schools' new Three Rs: Recycling, Rationing, and Regulation. … more

Church and Sprawl

The Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit has come out swinging against "urban sprawl," but church officials could better serve Michigan citizens by engaging in a balanced debate on the issue of growth management. … more

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