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The Ethics of Ethanol

While some politicians demand that automakers produce vehicles that consume less gas, the federal ethanol program continues to increase gas usage in America. … more

CAFE Standards: Markets or Mandates?

This week the U.S. House rejected stringent new fuel efficiency standards for SUVs that could have cost more-in dollars, jobs, and lives lost in auto accidents. A Mackinac Center adjunct scholar argues instead for eliminating government CAFE mandates entirely and letting the free market determine fuel efficiency standards. … more

How the Midwest Was Won

Mosquitoes may vex us now, but thanks to Michigan's early settlers, they no longer spread the dreaded illness malaria throughout the state. … more

A Popular Road Tax?

Auctioning off to the highest bidder popular "vanity" license plates for motor vehicles could be a less painful way to raise more transportation dollars. … more

Michigan Schools Deep in Debt

The Detroit Free Press cites Mackinac Center research in a recent front-page story on debt in Michigan school districts. … more

Government Unionism and Detroit

Detroit News columnist Bill Johnson consults the Mackinac Center to assess the harmful effects of excessive public-sector influence on Detroit politics. … more

The Proper Role of Government

Read this provocative open letter challenging the beliefs of "statists"-people who tend to view government as the solution to every social problem. … more

Flight Project Crashes and Burns

A proposed $120-million "Legacy of Flight" theme park-which includes $3 million in state funds-may never get off the ground, according to recent news reports. Months ago, the Mackinac Center criticized the project as wasteful and reminiscent of Flint's AutoWorld and other failed government theme parks. … more

Three Centuries of Motor City History

Anyone strolling by 58 Bagley Street in Detroit early in the morning of June 4, 1896, would have seen a strange sight: Henry Ford, ax in hand, smashing a hole in his garage. Read this classic Mackinac Center Viewpoint to find out what he was doing. … more

Heated Debate over Global Warming

In rejecting the flawed global warming treaty, the Bush administration is following the dictates of sound science and economic principles outlined years ago by the Mackinac Center. … more

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