Features and Highlights

Visit Early and Often

Voters can learn useful information before election day at MichiganVotes.org. … more

Class Envy?

Good policy, not creating coolness, strengthens cities. … more

Just Rewards

Merit pay for teachers can improve public schools. … more

"Be Not Afraid"

Remembering Pope John Paul II in the fight against communism. … more

Great Depression Myths Revisited

Phase IV: The Wagner Act. … more

Michigan Education Digest

New charter request, bus inspections, school-closing committee. … more

Sympathy Card

Michigan's economy won't get well soon with targeted business incentives. … more

Great Depression Myths Revisited

Phase III: The New Deal. … more

The “Scene” and the Unseen

Michigan's film tax credits aren't free money. … more

Great Depression Myths Revisited

Phase II: Disintegration of the World Economy. … more

Nebraska Works!

Shouldn't state-run jobs programs focus on Michigan jobs? … more

Great Depression Myths Revisited

Phase I: The Business Cycle. … more

It Merits Discussion

Discussing merit pay for teachers. … more

Great Depression Myths Revisited

Introduction: An overview of myths and mistakes. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Wayne-Westland strike, DPS layoffs, one-room schools. … more

Who's to Blame?

MichiganScience looks at the political battle over a flawed government report. … more

Earth Tones

How worldviews shape public policy. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS enrollment, car giveaway, teacher charged. … more

A Look Back

Lawrence Reed talks about the history of government bail outs. … more

Backhanded Compliment

The government will only create more problems by trying to solve the bank crisis. … more

Crystal Ball

The predictable failure of Michigan's economic development programs. … more

Sinking Feeling

The private sector continually is forced to bail out the government. … more

News Release: Court Verdicts Show Flaws in Wetland Law

Guilty verdicts in a case involving a "wetland" on the property of Sparta's Hart Enterprises highlight a state law in urgent need of reform. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS finances, Grand Rapids stalemate, MESSA. … more

Making Plans

A new book details the harm caused by central planning. … more

Cool Cities

How right-to-work protections would help cities. … more

Moving Day

Michigan's exodus continues amidst high taxes and bad policy. … more

Lean and Green

Lean thinking can help public schools save money. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS loses funds, Pinckney contract trouble, MESSA. … more

Special Education Left Behind?

Special education teachers are having trouble meeting NCLB requirements. … more

Tax Credits vs. Vouchers

An explanation of the differences between two school choice plans. … more

Business Model

Happy Birthday Model T. … more

Hot Topic

The high cost of climate alarmism. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Muskegon contract talks, bus ads, truancy. … more

Judgment Call

A court decision exposes the shortcomings of union governance. … more

Michigan Privatization Digest

Rackham golf course, Detroit incinerator privatization, Silverdome to be sold. … more

Read Any Good Books Lately?

Private ownership of historical items has a long and successful history. … more

Can Detroit Come Back?

A look at what it will take to save the city. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Wayne-Westland job action, Madison pay freeze, NCLB. … more

Drill Here, Drill Now?

Russ Harding discusses Great Lakes drilling. … more

News Release: Center Analyst Hails PAC Ruling

A recent Michigan Court of Appeals ruling prohibits government from deducting PAC money from employee pay checks. … more

Day Labor

A new Center study shows less than half of union dues are spent on representation. … more

Jailhouse Crock?

A Macomb County couple is jailed over property rights. … more

For a FEE

Lawrence Reed describes a free-market leader. … more

News Release: Union Financial Reports Reveal Waste

An examination of the financial reports of Michigan’s largest unions reveal that less than half of the compulsory dues workers are forced to pay as a condition of employment are actually spent on collective bargaining. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Grand Rapids strike possible, graduation rate, NCLB. … more

Ballot Defeat

Why a partisan ballot initiative was rejected by the courts. … more

Power to the People

Michigan lawmakers are taking the wrong approach on energy policies. … more

Eight is Enough

RMGN is out. Here are eight ballot measures that should be considered. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS scholarships, Brighton budget, teacher quality. … more

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