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Michigan Education Digest

DPS rejects de Porres; benefits bills divide Republicans; Hay Group testifies. … more

Nominal Cost?

Bitter confirmation fights exact a toll on judicial quality. … more

Erie Similarity

A second Great Lakes Charter proposal looks like the first. … more

Committees of Correspondence

From Michigan to Mongolia, where there is liberty, there is my country.  … more

Specialty Shopping

School districts are outsourcing jobs that require specialized skills.  … more

Water Weight

The Water Legacy Act is unnecessary and burdensome. … more

Cooling Apparatus?

State bureaucrats won’t help Michigan cities heat up the economy. … more

Beacon in Nairobi

James Shikwati, a close friend of the Center, is interviewed in Der Spiegel. … more

Tough NUT

Call it an "education association," but it knows what it wants. … more

Water Torture

"Large" regulatory water limits will drop ... drop ... drop.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

School sponsoring; Misuse of funds; Insurance controversy. … more

Voice of "Treason"

Adjunct Scholar Gary L. Wolfram responds to Gov. Granholm's accusation. … more

The Birth of Disneyland

Fifty years ago, Walt Disney beat the odds and confuted the experts. … more

A Critique of Pure Treason?

The "high Crime" hits hard times. … more

After the Sandstorm

Lawrence Reed's dispatch from post-communist Mongolia. … more

Court Building

Patrick J. Wright limns the architecture of Supreme Court nominations. … more

No Accident

Michael D. LaFaive recalls a successful state privatization 10 years later. … more

Pickup Lines

Imagine if truck makers, like educators, could force you to pay them more. … more

Medicaid Malpractice

A state task force has prescribed snake oil to cure Medicaid's swelling costs. … more

The Sound of Freedom

A movie helped make liberty one of our favorite things. … more

Michigan Education Digest

65 percent solution, teachers' exit, MEAP scores. … more

The Parent Trap

Parents fall prey to loaded questions about education. … more

Smoke and Terrors

High state tobacco taxes may look good, but they can foster crime and terrorism.  … more

Okemos Inquiries

A school board questions an election. A scholar questions the board's mission.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

NEA seeks members; insurance in Holland; community service overruled. … more

Language Barrier

Simply threatening bad state policies can keep investors out. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Waivers for school laws, Kansas court order, state college tuition boost. … more

Property Damage

The U.S. Supreme Court has vandalized the Fifth Amendment's takings clause.  … more

Throng Answer

Leaders of Tuesday's education rally failed to address a key question.  … more

Ballot Breather

This nonelection month is brought to you by the state's new consolidation law.  … more

Classroom Demonstration?

Today's rally in Lansing should focus on the classroom, not automatic spending. … more

Thatcher of the West

Our senior economist puts some English on our role.  … more

Schools of Theology

A Florida court case shows how we've established a narrow education ideology. … more

House Bills

A proposed state budget would involve numerous cost-cutting policy changes. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Detroit financial report, new Florida NCLB status, hearing on education funding bill. … more

A Tale of Two Boxers

Schmeling K.O.’d by Louis! Louis K.O.’d by the U.S. Government! … more

A Patriot's History

Something good seems to have happened in the United States after all. … more

Armey Deregulations

A former U.S. House majority leader speaks to Michigan about telecom.  … more

Dioxin Oversight

The state is supervising a dioxin cleanup, but has overlooked key concerns.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Computerized MEAP, Flint sweeps for truants, state school funding. … more

Remembering Reagan

The former president's death a year ago recalled his tributes to freedom.  … more

Jobs Yesterday?

Gov. Granholm's bond proposal recalls a disastrous 19th century bond sale.  … more

Gas Log

If you're burning over U.S. gas prices, just review the record.  … more

Tax Hike

People pick up and go for many reasons. One of them appears to be taxes. … more

Michigan Education Digest

California charter schools, Granholm scholarship audit, cost of remediation. … more

Cleaned Out

Diane S. Katz compares a flawed state environmental bond to a new proposal. … more

Ethic Cleansing?

Christopher F. Bachelder sifts business ethics from business law. … more

Union Gap?

Charter schools are mostly not unionized — but how long can that last? … more

Michigan Education Digest

New state superintendent, K-12 cuts foregone, new-teacher emigration.  … more


Controversy continues over the No Child Left Behind Act. … more

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